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Undergraduate Costs

What does it cost to attend Creighton University?

Choosing a college is a personal decision, and when it comes to a financial investment, everyone’s situation is just as unique. That’s why we believe in transparency and in walking with you through the financial aid and scholarship process. You’ll find personal support at Creighton—when you’re on campus as a student and as you navigate financial decisions.

Full Cost of Attendance: Entering Freshmen, 2022-2023

 Arts and SciencesHeider College of BusinessNursing (Traditional)

Direct Costs

Fees (University and tech fees)$1,954$1,954$1,954
Program FeeNA$340$702
Housing and Meals$11,830$11,830$11,830

Indirect Costs

Additional expenses to plan for—not billed by Creighton University.

(Average annual cost for a typical class schedule)
Personal Expense Allowance (Estimated average personal spending money)$2,000$2,000$2,000

Travel allowances vary depending on state of residence.

Travel Region 1 - $800
States: CO, IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD, WI, WY

Travel Region 2 - $1,050
States: All remaining states excluding AK and HI

Travel Region 3 - $1,650
States: AK, HI and all other areas outside of the U.S.

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Current Year Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Programs Tuition'22-'23
Full-time tuition rate is for 12-18 credit hours per semester.
     Arts and Sciences$43,684
     Heider College of Business$43,684
     Nursing $43,684
          Other undergraduate nursing programs:
               Accelerated, Classes Entering Aug. 2022/Jan. 2023 (Continuing)$55,425
               Accelerated, Classes Entering Aug. 2022/Jan. 2022 (New)$55,425
Undergraduate, part-time, under 12 or over 18 hours$1,367/credit hour
Adult Learners
     Accelerated Online Students$509/credit hour
     Full-Time On-Campus Paramedicine$28,874
     Part-Time On-Campus Paramedicine$902/credit hour
     Full-Time On-Campus (all other majors)$31,094
     Part-Time On-Campus (all other majors)$972/credit hour
     Part-Time On-Campus - (classes after 4 p.m.)$640/credit hour
Undergraduate Fees'22-'23
     University Fee, All Programs (full-time)$1,336
     Technology Fee, All Programs (full-time)$570
     University Fee – Part-time per semester and summer per session$70
     Technology Fee – Part-time per semester and summer per session$118
     International Student Orientation Fee (required of all new international students)varies
     Housing Damage Fee (required of all new students moving into University housing)$50 application fee
     Nursing Academic Program Fee (2 semesters, $319 per semester)$702

Additional Program Tuition and Fees

 Summer 2022Fall 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023Total
Fees$182$921$921$182 (est.)$2,206 (est.)
Technology Fee $1,900  $1,900
Living Expenses$3,000$7,000$7,000$3,000$20,000
Health Insurance $1,650 (est.)$1,650 (est.) $3,300 (est.)
Total$7,382$22,845$20,945$7,382 (est.)$58,554 (est.) 


Fully Online or Hybrid Programs 2022-2023



(1-6 credit hours)


(7+ credit hours)

Room and Board$12,670$12,670
Personal Expense Allowance$2,000$2,000


On-Campus Programs 2022-2023



(1-6 credit hours)


(7+ credit hours)

Room and Board$12,670$12,170
Personal Expense Allowance$2,000$2,000
 Per YearPer Semester
Orientation Fee$200NA
Applied Music Fee (per registered music course: 100- and 200-level courses)NA$400

Arts and Sciences Lab Fee: per course/per semester ($70 per lab capped at $120 per semester/$240 per year)

  • Assessed to ALL students registering for any laboratory science course or laboratory section for courses in: Atmospheric Science (ATS), Athletic Training Education (ATE), Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHM), Environmental Sciences (EVS), Exercise Science (EXS), Natural Science (NSC), Physics (PHY), Psychology (PSY)
Career Portfolio Fee (mandatory fee for all Heider College of Business students)$340$170

Heider College of Business Technology Fee: per course/per semester ($20 per course capped at $60 per semester/$120 per year)

  • Assessed to ALL students who take business courses
Nursing Drug Screening Fee (required for all new nursing students first semester enrolled and all junior nursing students)NATBD
Accelerated Nursing Academic Program Fee (3 semesters; required for Omaha, Phoenix and Grand Island)$2,502$834

View Your Cost of Attendance

Steps to Follow

Follow the steps below to find a breakdown of your cost attendance components:

  1. Select: Log into your NEST
  2. Select: Financial Aid Tab
  3. Select: My Financial Aid Status 
  4. Select: Aid Year 
  5. Then click on Cost of Attendance

Creighton approved changes to undergraduate tuition, fees, and room and board for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year—updated rates within the charts listed above. Review the link for additional information on the changes and how the University sets rates.

2022-2023 Tuition and Fee rate changes

Resources and Next Steps