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International Relations

International Relations

The International Relations Specialization may be the path for you if you have an interest in international relations, foreign policy, diplomacy, and politics.

Students may select five of their upper-division history electives in the field of International Relations. These courses are diverse in their historical perspectives, regional emphases, and time periods covered, but they all concentrate on international relations and diplomacy. Students engage primary and secondary sources, study historiographical trends, and explore the effects of various historical movements and ideologies on the foreign relations of diverse nations.

The requirements for the International Relations Specialization are the same as for the History Major, except that 15 of the 21 elective credits must be taken from a select list of courses.

Examples of common courses in the International Relations Specialization:

HIS 347: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Struggle for the Holy Land
HIS 388: Origins of Modern Africa
HIS 417: 20th Century Europe
HIS 462: History of Southeast Asia
HIS 467: Modern China
HIS 468: Modern Japan
HIS 479: The Making of Modern Egypt
HIS 489: Southern Africa: The Politics of Race
HIS 548: Russia’s Revolutions
HIS 562: Foreign Relations of the U.S., 1898-1945
HIS 563: Foreign Relations of the U.S. Since 1945
HIS 565: The United States and Canada
HIS 567: Change and Revolution in the Modern Middle East

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