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Advising Resources

Advising Procedures: Freshman and Sophomore Honor students are advised by their RSP (Ratio Studiorum Program) advisors. When the students declares a major, they may choose an advisor from the honors advisor faculty. The name of the new advisor and advisee should be communicated to the Honors Director or Assistant Director using the Change of Advisor Form.

Honors Advising Forms:

Requirements for Good Standing

Students entering the Honors Program in August 2006 or later are considered to be in good standing if:

  1. The students are making acceptable progress towards fulfilling the requirements for an Honors Degree. Ordinarily, this means that Honors students should have completed at least 6 credit hours of Honors courses by the end of their freshman year, 12 by the end of their sophomore year, and 18 by the end of their junior year; and
  2. The students have maintained a QPA of at least 3.3 for all courses taken at Creighton; and
  3. The students have maintained a QPA of at least 3.0 for all Honors courses taken at Creighton. (This Honors-specific QPA will not be computed until a student has completed at least two Honors courses.)

Honors students that are not in good standing will be notified and will be given one semester to remedy the situation.  Failure to remedy may result in their dismissal from the Honors Program.

Limited Tuition Waiver: Students seeking a tuition waiver to take over 18 credits must first get the permission of their Honors advisor. After securing that, students must seek permission from Assistant Dean Gerry Kuhlman. Students in Nursing, Business, or Professional Studies should secure permission from the Honors Director.

Please note that the charge for tuition over 18 credits will not be removed from the student's bill until after the Add/Drop Period.