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What do we teach?

P4C is not a lecture-style 'class'. Students and teachers rather sit together (usually in a circle) and, after establishing an intellectually-safe learning environment, discuss simple yet thought-provoking philosophical topics, many of which the children themselves come up with.  The P4C 'teachers' help facilitate and participate in these discussions in a way that encourages creative thinking and logical skill-building. (See our toolkit for some helpful ways we do this). Below are some example questions and topics we've discussed in the past.


The following questions were raised by students in grades 1-3:

  • What does it mean to be a friend?
  • What is real? What is fake?
  • How is real life different than a dream?
  • What is time?
  • Where do clouds come from?
  • Do mermaids exist?
  • Where do stars come from?
  • Why is the Earth spinning?
  • Why do cats purr?
  • Is the computer world different from this one?
  • Why are there colors in the world?
  • What are shadows?
  • Do cats have nine lives?
  • Why are there animals?

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