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Student Loan Department

The Student Loan Department in the Business Office manages the disbursement and repayment of:

  • Creighton University Undergraduate Loan
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Nursing Loans
  • Health Professional Loans
  • Primary Care Loans
  • Short-Term University Loans (Emergency Loans)

The Student Loan Department will handle all aspects of these loans following the awarding of the aid by the Financial Aid Office.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office to apply for these loans, or inquire about awarding.  For more information, visit the Federal Student Aid website from the U.S. Department of Education.

Loan Servicer

Heartland ECSI logo

Creighton University has partnered with Heartland ECSI for servicing the Creighton University Undergraduate, Federal Perkins, Health Professional, Federal Nursing, and Primary Care Loans.

ECSI is responsible for sending your billing statements and loan payment coupons, processing loan repayments, and processing deferments, cancellations, and forbearances.

ECSI offers the following online services to help you manage your account:


Student Loan Exit Interview

Whenever a student is no longer enrolled as at least a half time student Creighton University is required by the federal government to conduct an exit interview for each of your loans. The exit interview is a loan counseling session where you are advised of your loan repayment schedule, obligations, and rights to deferment and/or cancellation.

A Student Loan Exit Hold is placed on each student account until the Student Loan Exit Interview has been completed. If you need to be sent your Exit Interview again, please contact us. This hold will prevent students from registering for future courses, ordering transcripts, and receiving a diploma.