Student Loan Department

The Student Loan Department in the Business Office oversees and manages the processing and servicing of Federal Perkins Loans, Nursing Loans, Health Professional Loans, Primary Care Loans and Short-Term University Loans

The primary responsibilities of the Student Loan Department are to:

  • Administer and maintain loan documents.
  • To educate students of their loan rights and responsibilities.
  • To ensure compliance with government and University policy and regulations related to these loan programs.
  • Oversee the billing and collection of these loan programs in conjunction with our contracted loan service provider, Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI).
  • Process Exit Interviews, Deferments, Cancellations and address any other customer service needs.
  • Oversees the collection of delinquent loan accounts.

All aspects of these loans will be dealt with by the Student Loan Department following the awarding of the aid by the Financial Aid Office.  Contact the Financial Aid Office about applying and awarding of financial aid and for more information on student loans see the Student Guide for Financial Aid from the U.S. Dept. of Education.

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The Student Loan Department and Creighton University has contracted with Heartland-ECSI for servicing your Perkins, Health Professional, Federal Nursing, and Primary Care Loans.  ECSI will be responsible for sending you billing statements, loan payment coupons, processing of loan repayments by ACH deductions, processing deferments and cancellations, and providing a variety of online customer service needs.

Online services provided by Heartland-ECSI include:

  • Viewing your billing statement and account balances.
  • Obtain tax information.
  • Update personal information.
  • Obtain downloadable forms for Deferment, Cancellation, Forbearance, and ACH payment plans.
  • Online Exit Interviews for students leaving or graduating from the University to explain your repayment rights and responsibilities.
  • View and electronically sign your promissory notes.
  • Make payment on your loan by either setting up a one time payment through your checking or savings account or by setting up a continuous monthly withdrawal through ACH deduction.

Access and PIN #

Accessing your student loan account with Creighton and ECSI is simple!  All you need is your PIN #, Social Security Number, and School Code. There are several ways to obtain your PIN # and School Code:

  • Students in repayment can find the information printed at the bottom of the student loan billing statement.
  • Current students signing promissory notes will receive a letter by mail with your assigned PIN #.
  • Contact the Business Office at (402) 280-2707.
  • Contact ECSI: PIN information can be found at their web site or call ECSI Student Support at (888) 549-3274.

Click here to login to your ECSI student loan account now:



Contacting the Student Loan Department

If you have questions or concerns, the Student Loan Department is committed to helping you.  Please contact us at: (402) 280-2707 or email us at .


Loan payments and questions can also be sent to:

Creighton University
Business Office
Student Loans
780330 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178-0330


Many of the forms for Deferment, Cancellation, ACH deduction, and Forbearance can be accessed at the FORMS page at this web site or at the ECSI web site (scroll to bottom of their web page).

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