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Michael A . Belshan, PhD


Medical Microbiology and Immunology

M Belshan


School of Medicine
Med Microbiology & Immunology
Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Doctorate)
Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Master of Science)
Graduate School
CRISS II - Criss 2 - 514D

Michael A . Belshan, PhD


Medical Microbiology and Immunology

My fundamental research interest is virus-host cell interactions, specifically related to the replication and pathogenesis of the lentivirus subfamily of retroviruses. Members of this subfamily include the human and simian immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV, respectively). I have a broad background in molecular virology and extensive experience studying retroviruses including an established record of productive research projects in retroviral studies, including molecular virology, proteomic studies, and in vitro drug testing. I also have experience in molecular virology, including retroviral and lentiviral gene delivery systems as well as RNAi and CRISPR.

Examples of the most recent publications can be found at this PubMed link.

Research Focus

 HIV Molecular Virology and Host Cell Interactions
  •  Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the causative agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV infection is incurable, but treatment with a combination of anti-retroviral drugs can reduce virus replication to undetectable levels and forestall disease progression. However drug resistance to the existing pool of anti-retroviral therapies continues to rise. Continued success in the repression of HIV replication in infected individuals will require the development of new inhibitors that are effective against drug-resistant strains of virus. Drugs that target novel areas of virus replication have the greatest probability to be effective against such viruses.
  •  My laboratory seeks to comprehend poorly understood aspects of HIV replication by discovery of novel virus-host interactions using systems biology approaches. The ultimate goal is to identify new targets for anti-viral therapies. All areas of HIV replication can have potential cellular targets, including virus uncoating, preintegration complex (PIC) assembly and transport, viral transcriptional regulation, and virus assembly and release.
Major Areas of Research
  •  Proteomic studies to identify novel virus-host interactions.
  • Characterization of novel host cell factors that contribute to HIV replication and pathogenesis.
  • Molecular biology of HIV replication.
  • In vitro drug testing.
  •  Our mass spectrometry analysis is done in collaboration with Dr. Pawel Ciborowski at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
  • We also collaborate with Dr. Christopher Destache in the Creighton University School of Pharmacy on the development of novel nanoparticle formulations to inhibit HIV replication.
  • Our laboratory is affiliated with the Nebraska Center for Virology a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence formed in the fall of 2000 under the National Institutes of Health Institutional Development Award program. The Center links the virology programs of Creighton University, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center and conducts innovative research that addresses fundamental questions about the pathogenesis and replication of diverse viral agents that effect human, animal, and plant health.


Med. Microbiology & Immunology




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  • Proteomics
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  • Physiological Reports
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  • Antiviral Research
    Destache, C.J., Mandal, S., P.K. Prathipati, M. Belshan, and C.J. Destache. 2019. A potential long-acting bictegravir loaded nano-drug delivery system for HIV-1 infection: A proof-of-concept study.
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  • Virology
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  • Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
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  • Viruses
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  • Virology
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  • Proteomics Clinical Applications
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  • PLoS Pathogens
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  • Virology
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  • Virology
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  • HIV: Quest for a cure 2018
  • CypB stimulates HIV infection 2015
  • TM261: A Viral Study Led Astray 2015
  • Proteomic Approaches to Study HIV-Host Interactions 2014
  • SWATH-MS Analysis of HIV-1 Infected Jurkat T-cells 2014
  • Inbre Student Jessica Haight in Grand Island, NE 2006


  • Young Investigator Award
    Creighton University School of Medicine
  • Research Excellence Award
    Iowa State University Graduate College


  • Infectious Disease Scientific Director
    Nebraska Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE Program)
    2021 - 2025