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Charles L . Brockhouse, PhD

Associate Professor


College of Arts and Sciences
HLSB - Hixson Lied Science Building - 438

Charles L . Brockhouse, PhD

Associate Professor




Associate Professor


  • Insect biochemistry and molecular biology
    Papanicolaou, Alexie, Woo, Angelica, Brei, Brianna, Ma, Danjun, Masedunskas, Andrius, Gray, Elmer, Xiao, Gary G., Cho, Soochin, Brockhouse, Charles L. Novel aquatic silk genes from Simulium (Psilozia) vittatum (Zett) Diptera: Simuliidae
    43, p. 1181-1188 2013
  • Journal of Religion & Society
    Brockhouse, C.L. 2011. A Biologist’s Perspective on Science and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. In: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Scholarship, Faith, and Higher Education, O’Keefe, Merys and Keegan, eds.
    Chapter 8, p. 95-101 2011
  • Northeastern Naturalist
    Minhas, M. S., Brockhouse, C. L. The Black Fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) Fauna of Prince Edward Island, Canada
    12, p. 67-76 2005


  • British Simuliid Group Bulletin
    Enloe, H., and Brockhouse, C. 2010. Cell cultures from Simulium vittatum Zett. s.str.
    33:4 2010
  • British Simuliid Group Bulletin
    Brei, B., Xiao, G., and Brockhouse, C. 2010. The Simuliid larval attachment proteome.
    33:4 2010
  • British Simuliid Group Bulletin
    Brockhouse, C., Post, R., and Colbourne, J.K. 2010. Recent progress in the Simulium Genome and Proteome Project. BSG Bulletin 33: 5.
    33:5 2010


  • Real Flies Drink Blood. Nanopore Field Trip session. London Calling. (invited oral presentation). 2015
  • Carbon dioxide receptor genes in three species of Simulium. Nebraska Academy of Science. 2014
  • Hendricks, Emily, Brockhouse, Charles, and Simulium Genomics Consortium. 2014. Carbon dioxide receptor genes in three species of Simulium. Nebraska Academy of Science. 2014
  • Simuilum vittatum: A model species for lotic ecological genomics. 9th Annual Ecological Genomics Symposium, Kansas City, MO. Nov., 4-6, 2011. Poster presentation. 2011
  • Alien Genes: Identification and Analysis of Horizontal Transfer in the Black Fly (Simulium vittatum) Genome. October 2011. CCAS Ferlic Summer Research Symposium. 2011
  • A community-centric bioinformatic infrastructure for new genome consortia. 5th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium. Kansas City, MO. Poster and selected oral presentation. June 9-12, 2011. 2011
  • New Tools for Combating River Blindness: The Black Fly Genome and Proteomic Project. 1st Carnoy-Mendel Seminar: Science in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Creighton University, April 2011. 2011
  • Genomics without genetics: The Simulium genomics project. Infectious Disease Genomics and Global Health. Cold Spring Harbor-Wellcome Trust Symposium. Hinxton (Cambridge) UK. Sept., 2010. 2010