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Chris Slocombe

Assistant Director of Admissions

Chris Slocombe



Chris Slocombe

Assistant Director of Admissions


Outside Nebraska: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont

Omaha Area High Schools: Brownell-Talbot, Concordia, Creighton Prep, Duchesne, Gross, Marian, Mercy, Mount Michael, Omaha Baptist Academy, Omaha Christian Academy, Roncalli, Skutt, Westside

Personal Information: 

Hometown: Worcester, MA

High School: St. John’s High School

College: Marquette University (BA), University of Edinburgh (MSc)

Major: BA in Communication Studies and Political Science, MSc in History

Activities during college: Campus Bookstore, Politics, Intramural Sports

Hobbies: Reading and researching 19th century American history, college athletics, geography and maps, travel

Fun fact: In high school I was convinced I wanted to be a radio DJ. 

Why do you think Creighton is special? The strong sense of community, the university’s medium size, and the wealth of professional opportunities available steps from campus.

Any special advice or tips for applicants? Think of 2-3 things about yourself that you couldn’t imagine a college not knowing about you as we read your application. I’m talking about things beyond what is on your extracurricular list - in other words, what makes you truly you? Maybe music means more to you than just your involvement in orchestra, or perhaps you have a great story about how you grew closer to your family.  Sometimes putting those personal touches into your essay or asking a recommender to write about certain events can add a vibrancy and personality to your application that makes it shine. 

What do you like about Omaha and what are your favorite secret spots? I know it’s cliche, but Omaha really is the perfect size - big enough to have several Fortune 500 companies, but small enough that you don’t feel like you will be swallowed by the urban atmosphere. Plus, there’s a Midwestern ethic of kindness here that is contagious. As for favorite spots, I’m a huge fan of Omaha’s many pioneer and railroad history sites, and pizza at Zio’s, Orsi’s, or Via Farina never disappoints!