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Conor O'Donnell

Admissions Counselor

Conor O'Donnell



Conor O'Donnell

Admissions Counselor


Assists other admissions counselors with their territories


Personal Information: 

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

High School: Millard North High School and Aurora Christian High School

College: Aurora University (Undergrad), University of Nebraska Omaha (Teaching Certification/Masters)

Major: BS in Political Science, K-6 Nebraska Teaching Certification, MS Equity and Social Justice in Education

Activities during college: Intramural sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, flag football), running, cycling and rock climbing. 

Hobbies: I love to stay active! I enjoy running, playing sports, riding my bike and rock climbing. When I'm not on the move I like to read or play board games. 

Fun and interesting fact about yourself: My name means lover of hounds, but my wife and I have two cats. I still love dogs too!

Do you have any special advice or tips for applicants? Reflect and figure out what you are looking for out of your college experience. Finding a school that fits your academic goals is important. However, finding a school community that fits you is just as important.  

What do you like about Omaha and what are your favorite secret spots? Omaha is the biggest small town in the country. It has all the advantages and amenities of a big city without the downsides (traffic and parking!). There are tons of great restaurants in and around downtown. The music scene is a vibrant part of the community as well. Venues all over town host musical acts both large and small. My favorite spot is Blue Sushi downtown. The rolls are amazing and they do all-day happy hour on Sundays!