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David V. Gonzales, MD



School of Medicine
Department of Medicine
General Internal Medicine
CUMC - Creighton University Medical Center

David V. Gonzales, MD







  • Gerontologist
    Stueven, Jeremy, Sklar, David P; Kaloostian, Paul; Jaco, Cathy; Kalishman, Summers; Wayne, Sharon; Doering, Andrew; Gonzales, David; A resident-led institutional patient safety and quality improvement process
    53, p. 322 2013
  • American Journal of Medical Quality
    Escobedo, MA, Samaniego, FC; Gonzales, DV; Bernstein, MH; RESPIRATION IN PIGEONS AT SIMULATED HIGH-ALTITUDES
    27, p. 369-376 2012
  • Clinical Infectious Diseases
    Arora, V, Wetterneck, TB; Schnipper, JL; Kaboli, P; Auerbach, AD; Gonzales, DV; Levinson, W; Humphrey, H; Meltzer, DO; Medical student interest in pursuing a career in general internal medicine: The effects of the inpatient general medicine rotation.
    46, p. 1085-1092 2008
  • Journal of Hospital Medicine
    3, p. 437-445 2008
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine
    Vasilevskis, EE, Melzter, DO; Schnipper, JL; Kaboli, P; Wetterneck, TB; Gonzales, DV; Arora, V; Auerbach, AD; Quality of care in hospitalized patients with congestive heart failure: Are hospitalists the solution?
    23, p. 1399-1406 2008
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine
    Kaboli, P, Auerbach, AD; Schnipper, JL; Wetterneck, T; Gonzales, DV; Meltzer, DO; Multi-site evaluation of the process and outcomes of care for upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage
    22, p. 77 2007
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine
    Hougham, GW, Ham, S; Schulwolf, E; Kaboli, P; Wetterneck, T; Gonzales, D; Arora, V; Meltzer, D; Sequence Patterns in the Resolution of Clinical Instabilities in Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Associations with Outcomes
    20, p. 160 2006
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine
    Wetterneck, T, Linzer, M; Gangnon, RE; Auerbach, AD; Kaboli, P; Schnipper, JL; Arora, V; Gonzales, DV; Wachter, RM; Meltzer, DO; Burnout and intent to leave in academic hospitalist and non-hospitalist general medical ward attendings
    20, p. 141-142 2005
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine
    Wetterneck, TB, Linzer, M; Halls, JJ; Sass, DA; Auerbach, AD; Schnipper, JL; Kaboli, P; Arora, V; Gonzales, DV; Meltzer, DO; Satisfaction and worklife of academic hospitalist and non-hospitalist attendings on general medical inpatient rotations
    20, p. 142-143 2005
  • Federation Proceedings
    Meltzer, D, Prochaska, M; Vekhter, Benjamin; Arora, Vineet; Wetterneck, Tosha; Schnipper, Jeffrey; Auerbach, Andrew; Kaboli, Peter; Gonzales, David; Patient preferences and willingness to pay for care by primary care physicians versus hospitalist and non-hospitalist ward attendings
    39, p. 587 1981
  • Federal Practitioner
    Meltzer, DO, Arora, V; Jiang, JX; Auerbach, AD; Schnipper, JL; Wetterneck, T; Kaboli, P; Gonzales, DV; Levinson, W; Wachter, RM; Effects of inpatient experience on outcomes and costs in a multicenter trial of academic hospitalists.
    37, p. 472 1978


  • A Colorectal Cancer Project
    • Principle Investigator- Richard Hoffman, MD
    • Co-Investigator- David Gonzales, MD
    • Percent Effort 4 %
    • Funding Agency- NCI
    • Start Date 7/05- 6/06

  • A Multi-Center Trial of Academic Hospitalists
    •University of Chicago
    – David Meltzer, MD
    •University of New Mexico
    –David Gonzales, MD
    •University of Wisconsin
    –Juanita Halls, MD
    •University of Iowa
    –Gary Rosenthal, MD
    •University of California, San Francisco
    –Andrew Auerbach, MD
    •Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    –David Bates, MD

    Percent Effort- 10%

    Funding Organization- AHRQ Grant No. R01 HS10597-02
    Starting and stopping dates- 7/01- 6/03
    Award Amount- Total $3.1 million, UNM allocation- $288,000


  • Proud to be GIM Honorarium
    Proud to be GIM Honorarium - 11/01/2021
    Creighton University