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Erin McKown, DScPAS, PA-C

Assistant Professor


School of Medicine
SOM PA Faculty
HLSB - Hixson Lied Science Building

Erin McKown, DScPAS, PA-C

Assistant Professor


Health Professions


Assistant Professor


  • The purpose of this panel session is to discuss the varied approaches taken by US Physician Assistant (PA) programs to meet the B2.13 standard regarding research curriculum. The panel will explore the range of research summative projects being conducted across four US PA programs to meet B2.13 standard and evaluate their effectiveness in preparing PA students for evidence-based practice. This session will encourage dialogue among educators to discuss the future of best practices for research curricula. 2023


  • APP Week Award Nomination
    Preceptor Award Nominee
    CHI Health Systems
  • Golden Apple Faculty Award Nominee
    PA Class of 2024/Creighton Medical Student Government
  • Phi Kappa Phi Inductee
    Academic honor society
    Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences