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Peter Nakaji, MD



School of Medicine

Peter Nakaji, MD



Neurology (Phoenix)




  • Acta Neurochirurgica
    Catapano JS, Lee M, Veljanoski D, Whiting AC, Brigeman S, Morgan CD, Labib MA, Ducruet AF,Nakaji P. Iatrogenic pseudoaneurysm rupture of the anterior cerebral artery after placement of an externalventricular drain, treated with clip-wrapping: a case report and review of the literature.
    Volume 161, Issue 7, p. 1371-1376 2019
  • World Neurosurgery
    Bohl MA, McBryan S, Spear C, Pais D, Preul MC, Wilhelmi B, Yeskel A, Turner JD, Kakarla UK, Nakaji P. Evaluation of a Novel Surgical Skills Training Course: Are Cadavers Still the Gold Standard for SurgicalSkills Training?
    Volume 127, p. 63-71 2019
  • Pituitary
    Cole TS, Jahnke H, Godzik J, Morgan CD, Nakaji P, Little AS. Use of a wrist-mounted device for continuous outpatient physiologic monitoring after transsphenoidal surgery: a pilot study.
    Volume 22, Issue 2, p. 156-162 2019
  • Journal of Spine Surgery
    Bohl MA, Zhou JJ, Mooney MA, Repp GJ, Cavallo C, Nakaji P, Chang SW, Turner JD, Kakarla UK. The Barrow Biomimetic Spine: effect of a 3-dimensional-printed spinal osteotomy model on performance of spinal osteotomies by medical students and interns.
    Volume 5, Issue 1, p. 58-65 2019
  • Journal of Neurosurgery
    Brachman DG, Youssef E, Dardis CJ, Sanai N, Zabramski JM, Smith KA, Little AS, Shetter AG, Thomas T, McBride HL, Sorensen S, Spetzler RF, Nakaji P. Resection and permanent intracranial brachytherapy using modular, biocompatible cesium-131 implants: results in 20 recurrent, previously irradiated meningiomas., p. 1-10 2018
  • Spine
    Bohl MA, Mooney MA, Repp GJ, Nakaji P, Chang SW, Turner JD, Kakarla UK. The Barrow Biomimetic Spine: Fluoroscopic Analysis of a Synthetic Spine Model Made of Variable 3D-printed Materials and Print Parameters.
    Volume 43, Issue 23, p. e1368-e1375 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Belykh E, Carotenuto A, Kalinin AA, Akshulakov SK, Kerimbayev T, Borisov VE, Aliyev MA, Nakaji P, Preul MC, Byvaltsev VA. Surgical Protocol for Infections, Nonhealing Wound Prophylaxis, and Analgesia: Development and Implementation for Posterior Spinal Fusions.
    Volume 123, p. 390-401 2018
  • Neurosurgery
    Catapano JS, Zabramski JM, Baranoski JF, Brigeman S, Morgan CD, Hendricks BK, Mooney MA,Albuquerque FC, Nakaji P, Spetzler RF. The Prognostic Significance of a Cast Fourth Ventricle in Ruptured Aneurysm Patients With Intraventricular Hemorrhage in the Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial (BRAT). 2018
  • Cancer Management and Research
    Belykh E, Patel AA, Miller EJ, Bozkurt B, Yağmurlu K, Woolf EC, Scheck AC, Eschbacher JM, Nakaji P, Preul MC. Probe-based three-dimensional confocal laser endomicroscopy of brain tumors: technical note.
    Volume 10, p. 3109-3123 2018
  • Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences
    Cavallo C, Zhao X, Abou-Al-Shaar H, Weiss M, Gandhi S, Belykh E, Tayebi-Meybodi A, Labib MA, Preul MC, Nakaji P. Minimally invasive approaches for the evacuation of intracerebral hemorrhage: a systematic review.
    Volume 62, Issue 6, p. 718-733 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Bohl MA, Baranoski JF, Sexton D, Nakaji P, Snyder LA, Kakarla UK, Porter RW. Barrow Innovation Center Case Series: Early Clinical Experience with Novel Surgical Instrument Used To Prevent Intraoperative Spinal Cord Injuries.
    Volume 120, p. e573-e579 2018
  • Scientific Reports
    Belykh E, Miller EJ, Patel AA, Bozkurt B, Yağmurlu K, Robinson TR, Nakaji P, Spetzler RF, Lawton MT, Nelson LY, Seibel EJ, Preul MC. Optical Characterization of Neurosurgical Operating Microscopes: Quantitative Fluorescence and Assessment of PpIX Photobleaching.
    Volume 8, p. Article Number: 12543 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Bozkurt B, Yağmurlu K, Belykh E, Tayebi Meybodi A, Staren MS, Aklinski JL, Preul MC, Grande AW,Nakaji P, Lawton MT. Quantitative Anatomic Analysis of the Transcallosal-Transchoroidal Approach and the Transcallosal-Subchoroidal Approach to the Floor of the Third Ventricle: An Anatomic Study.
    Volume 118, p. 219-229 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Cavallo C, Safavi-Abbasi S, Kalani MYS, Gandhi S, Sun H, Oppenlander ME, Zabramski JM, Nakaji P, Lawton MT, Spetzler RF. Pulmonary Complications After Spontaneous Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Experience from Barrow Neurological Institute.
    Volume 119, p. e366-e373 2018
  • Cureus
    Belykh EG, Zhao X, Cavallo C, Bohl MA, Yagmurlu K, Aklinski JL, Byvaltsev VA, Sanai N, Spetzler RF, Lawton MT, Nakaji P, Preul MC. Laboratory Evaluation of a Robotic Operative Microscope - Visualization Platform for Neurosurgery.
    Volume 10, Issue 7, p. e3072 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Bohl MA, Xu DS, Cavallo C, Paisan GM, Smith KA, Nakaji P. The Barrow Innovation Center Case Series: A Novel 3-Dimensional-Printed Retractor for Use with Electromagnetic Neuronavigation Systems.
    Volume 116, p. e1075-e1078 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Bohl MA, Xu DS, Daniels L, Chang SW, Nakaji P, Porter RW, Kakarla UK. The Barrow Innovation Center Case Series: Early Clinical Experience with Novel, Low-Cost Techniques for Bone Graft Containment in the Posterolateral Fusion Bed.
    Volume 116, p. 285-295 2018
  • Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences
    Belykh E, Cavallo C, Gandhi S, Zhao X, Veljanoski D, Izady Yazdanabadi M, Martirosyan NL, Byvaltsev VA, Eschbacher J, Preul MC, Nakaji P. Utilization of intraoperative confocal laser endomicroscopy in brain tumor surgery.
    Volume 62, Issue 6, p. 704-717 2018
  • World Neurosurgery
    Belykh E, Miller EJ, Patel AA, Yazdanabadi MI, Martirosyan NL, Yağmurlu K, Bozkurt B, Byvaltsev VA, Eschbacher JM, Nakaji P, Preul MC. Diagnostic Accuracy of a Confocal Laser Endomicroscope for In Vivo Differentiation Between Normal Injured And Tumor Tissue During Fluorescein-Guided Glioma Resection: Laboratory Investigation.
    Volume 115, p. e337-e348 2018