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Yongyue Qi, MS, PhD

Associate Professor


School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
Faculty - Pharmacy, OT, PT
Occupational Therapy Faculty
Office of Assessment Faculty
HLSB - Hixson Lied Science Building - 156

Yongyue Qi, MS, PhD

Associate Professor


Occupational Therapy


Associate Professor


  • Journal of Nursing Education
    Packard, K., Iverson, L., Ryan-Haddad, A., Teply, R., Wize, A., & Qi, Y. (2019). A synchronous interprofessional patient safety simulation integrating distance health professions students. Journal of Nursing Education, 58(10), 577-582. 
    58 (10), p. 577-582 2019
  • Journal of Allied Health
    Coppola, A. C., Coppard, B. M., & Qi, Y. (2019). Impact of Participation in an Interprofessional Acute Care High-Fidelity Simulation for Occupational and Physical Therapy Graduate Students. Journal of Allied Health, 48(4), 248-256. 
    48 (4), p. 248-256 2019
  • Journal of Allied Health
    Wang, Y., King, K., Moran, B., Talian, E., Lampe, A., Mu, K., & Qi, Y. (2019). Occupational and Physical Therapists' Perception of Evidence-Based Practice. Journal of allied health, 48(2), 119-129. 
    48 (2), p. 119-129 2019
  • Heart International
    Leiter, M. R., Packard, K. A., Qi, Y., & Krueger, S. K. (2019). Improved Dosing and Administration of Rivaroxaban when Prescribed by a Cardiologist. Heart International, 13(1), 24-7. 
    13 (1), p. 24-27 2019
  • Journal of Occupational Therapy Education
    Henderson, W., Coppard, B. & Qi, Y. (2018). Identifying Instructional Methods for Development of Clinical Reasoning in Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Education. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 72(4_Supplement_1), 7211505146p1-7211505146p1. 
    72 2017