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Kim Rocheville, PhD

Assistant Professor


Marketing & Management - Business
Heider College of Business
HARP - Harper Center for Student Life & Learn - 4076

Kim Rocheville, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kim Rocheville is an Assistant Professor of Management at Creighton University's Heider College of Business. She graduated from Boston College where she earned her Ph.D. in Organization Studies. She earned her M.B.A. from Boston University and her B.S. in Management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Before pursuing her graduate studies, Dr. Rocheville worked in Operations Management for over 5 years for corporations large and small, ranging from an energy company that designed and built air pollution control equipment for power plants, to a startup research and consulting firm based in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Dr. Rocheville's research explores questions regarding how individuals and organizations navigate momentous challenges and adverse events. Such events have widespread and long-lasting effects on individuals and organizations alike as they disrupt routines, obscure an established sense of meaning, and evoke intense and often complicated emotional responses.  She has presented her research at international conferences including the Academy of Management Conference, the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, the Positive Organizational Scholarship conference, and the Positive Relationships at Work Conference. Dr. Rocheville is an active member of the Academy of Management, the Southern Management Association, and the Positive Organizational Scholarship Community.

Research Focus

Community, trauma at work, emotions, embodiment


Marketing and Management


Assistant Professor


  • Academy of Management Proceedings
    Rocheville, K., Walsh, I.J. While there is evidence that organizations are not permanent, scholars and practitioners often treat them as active or completely defunct. We build a theory of organizational dormancy as an alternative organizational state that involves organizations pausing some or all of their operations following adversity to make sense of it and adapt their capabilities with an aspiration to resume functioning. We introduce resilience as a mechanism for understanding how dormancy represents a type of subtractive change that can enable organizations to overcome adversity. Lastly, we introduce a model that explicates the processual dynamics of entering, enduring, and overcoming organizational dormancy. 2022
  • Journal of Management Inquiry
    Rocheville, K., Bartunek, J., & Keys, C.B.
    57(4), p. 415-420 2021
  • Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
    Garima, S. , Bartunek, J., Buzzanell, P.M., Carmine, S., Endres, C., Etter, M., Fairhurst, G., Hahn, T., Le, P., Li, X., Pamphile, V., Pradies, C., Putnam, L.L., Rocheville, K., Schad, J., Sheep, M., & Keller, J.
    30(2), p. 121-137 2021


  • Feeling Safe in Perilous Work: Community Holding Spaces for Safe Emotional Processing. 2023
  • Chronic Pain at Work as a Crisis of Meaning: The Role of Work-Body Ideologies in Sustaining Positive Meaning of Work. In, Meaning of Work in Crisis Contexts, Symposium [Organizers: E. Eun and W. Jiang]. Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA, Forthcoming. (Selected as Showcase Symposium) 2023
  • To Care or to Cream: Leveraging Competing Imperatives in Reentry Work. In, Work, Occupations, and Inequality, Symposium [Organizer: Andrea Wessendorf]. Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA, Forthcoming. 2023
  • Rocheville, K. (panelist). In, New Frontiers in Community Research: Community Experiences Within and Beyond Organizational Boundaries, Symposium [Organizers: Reut Livne-Tarandach]. Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA, Forthcoming. 2023
  • Ideal workers and ideal bodies: How workers in pain navigate stigma in an able-bodied workplace. In, Diverse stories of diversity: Expanding perspectives on underexplored dimensions of diversity. Symposium [Organizers: K. Rocheville & G.R. Sala], Academy of Management Meeting, Seattle, WA, August. 2022
  • The vicious solitude of grief in the work and non-work lives of police officers. In, Grief at the Work-Life Interface. Symposium [Organizers: L. Pletneva & Elizabeth Stillwell], Academy of Management Meeting, Seattle, WA, August. 2022
  • Embodied job crafting in response to somatic discomfort. Positive Organizational Scholars Conference, June. 2022
  • Making micro-adjustments: How individuals in chronic pain integrate their body into their work. UC Davis Conference on Qualitative Research, April. 2022
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