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Shabnam Sood, MB,BS

Assistant Professor


School of Medicine
Psychiatry Residency
Arizona Health

Shabnam Sood, MB,BS

Assistant Professor


Psychiatry (Phoenix)


Assistant Professor


  • Substance Use & Misuse
    Sood S, Cowdrey A, Bhattarai B, Ayutyanont N, Ramos G, Khosla D, Willows B. Prescription drug monitoring programs: Does the Arizona CSPMP provide more information than routinely collected in an inpatient psychiatric facility?
    Volume 54, Issue 1, p. 106-109 2018
  • Sleep Medicine and Disorders: International Journal
    Sood S. Melatonin and sleep in schizophrenia: a commentary.
    Volume 2, Issue 4, p. 93-94 2018
  • Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience
    Sood S. Neutropenia with Multiple Antipsychotics Including Dose Dependent Neutropenia with Lurasidone.
    Volume 15, Issue 4, p. 413-415 2017
  • Indian Journal of Psychiatry
    Sood S, Rastogi D, Ramos G, Ayutyanont N. Does exposure to a seclusion and restraint event during clerkship influence medical student's attitudes toward psychiatry?
    Volume 59, Issue 4, p. 521-522 2017


  • Sood S, Khosla R, Khosla D, Ramos G. Bhattarai B. It's more than gut feelings - probiotics and mood in irritable bowel syndrome. Annual Meeting of the Arizona Psychiatry Society, Chandler, Arizona. 2018