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Joy M . Suder, JD

Director, Juvenile Justice Clinic

Assistant Professor

Joy Suder


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LAWC - Ahmanson Law Center

Joy M . Suder, JD

Director, Juvenile Justice Clinic

Assistant Professor

Joy M. Suder has been practicing law in Nebraska since 2008, first as a public defender in Douglas County, then in private practice, and now as the Director of the Juvenile Justice Legal Clinic at Creighton University School of Law. Joy is a Special Appointed Magistrate for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and has also served as Judge Pro-temporare for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.
Joy is a certified trainer from the Gault Center (formerly National Juvenile Defender Center) in best practices for defense counsel for youth. She has been invited to train attorneys and stakeholders both locally and nationally, and currently serves on the Gault Center’s National Advisory Board as well as a Co-regional Director for the North Central Region of the United States.
In Douglas County, Joy serves on the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) as co-chair of the data subcommittee and on the advisory board  for the Juvenile Justice Certificate Program at the University of Nebraska-Omaha  Juvenile Justice Institute and School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. On the state level, Joy is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA), is an elected representative to the NSBA House of Delegates, and is the Chair of the Juvenile Law Section of the NSBA.
Joy lives in Omaha with her husband and sons, yelling the loudest from the sidelines at their various sporting and artistic endeavors.

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Assistant Professor


  • Joy Suder, “Kids Need Lawyers, Too;” The Nebraska Lawyer; Vol. 24 No. 2: March/April 2021
  • Joy Suder, “Emancipation of Minors” Family Law Practice Manual; Nebraska State Bar Association; March 2019


  • University of Nebraska-Omaha Juvenile Justice Certificate Program: Nebraska Juvenile Justice Reform Panel. September 2022
  • Nebraska Paralegal Association Fall Seminar: Representing Youth in the Legal System. September 2022
  • Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney Association Bootcamp: Representing Youth in the Criminal System. August 2022
  • Project Harmony Legal Summer Institute: Ethics of Child Representation. May, 2019; May, 2020; May 2021
  • South Omaha Juvenile Justice Task Force: Douglas County Juvenile Justice System Map and Processes. June 2019
  • Douglas County JDAI Case Processing Training: Advocating for Alternatives to Detention. February 2018; November 2018
  • Nebraska State Bar Association Annual Meeting: Nebraskas New Emancipation Law. October 2018
  • Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association: Dealing with Differences. May 2018
  • Bethel University, School of Social Work: Working with Legal Counsel in Court-Involved Cases. April, 2017; April 2018
  • Nebraska Youth Advocates: Advocacy from Intake to Detention. February 2018
  • Omaha Bar Association: Juvenile Justice 101. January 2018
  • Operation Youth Success, Families Working Group: The Role of Juvenile Defense & Court Procedures. January 2018
  • Nebraska State Bar Association School Attorneys & Juvenile Attorneys Seminar; July 2017
  • Nebraska Juvenile Probation District 4J: Role of Juvenile Defense & Other Helpful Tips. June 2017
  • Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association: Role of Juvenile Defense Counsel. May 2017
  • Nebraska Youth Advocates, Creighton School of Law, Nebraska State Bar Association, In Honor of Gault Celebration: Fourth Amendment Challenges. May 2017
  • Through the Eyes of the Child, Douglas County: Nuts & Bolts Seminar for Parent Representation Cases. May 2017
  • Douglas County Office of the Public Defender: Challenging Juveniles Statements. May 2017
  • Southwest Iowa Lawyer League (SWILL): School House to the Jail House. January 2017
  • University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law: Fourth Amendment Challenges. December 2016
  • National Juvenile Defender Center Annual Conference: Spotlight on Nebraska Youth Advocates. October 2016
  • Douglas County JDAI Case Processing Training: Introduction to Alternatives to Detention. June 2014