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Amy M . Trahan, MD

Associate Professor


School of Medicine
Radiology-Diagnostic Residency
Arizona Health

Amy M . Trahan, MD

Associate Professor


Radiology (Phoenix)


Associate Professor


  • The American Journal of Surgery
    Matthees N, Mankin J, Trahan A, Israr S, Jones M, Dameworth J, Petersen S, Weinberg J.  Pneumomediastinum in blunt trauma: If aerodigestive injury is not seen on CT, invasive workup is not indicated.
    Volume 217, Issue 6, p. 1047-1050 2018
  • Emergency Radiology
    Harris JH, Harris WH, Jain S, Ferguson AY, Hill DA, Trahan AM. To reduce routine computed tomographic angiography for thoracic aortic injury assessment in level II blunt trauma patients using three mediastinal signs on the chest radiograph: a preliminary report.
    Volume 25, Issue 4, p. 387-391 2018


  • Lish JR, Trahan A. Second Wind: A Review of Post Lung Transplant Complications from a Large Volume Lung Transplant Center. Electronic Exhibit. Radiology Society of North American Annual Meeting. Honolulu, Hawaii. 2019
  • Ho T, Wang L, Saadoun B, Yamaguchi L, Grey D, Satori E, Brown E, Trahan A, Parra-Roide L. Improving Event Reporting By Residents. Creighton University/Dignity Health Academic Excellence Day. Phoenix, Arizona. 2018
  • A Radiologists Archive. Oral Presentation. Advanced Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Symposium. 2018