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ENGAGE Speaker Series


ENGAGE is a program which recognizes that questioning and growth are a constant part of spirituality. This community welcomes all Creighton students to share a meal while engaging with their faith in a tangible way.

ENGAGE is open to all Creighton undergraduate students.

ENGAGE 2023-2024 Coordinators: Lexi Hennes and Ayden Chavez


If you have any questions, please contact Robby Francis (Director of Campus Ministry).

Past ENGAGE Events

  • 4/21/22 —Earth Day Field Trip to Holy Family Shrine with Dr. Richard Miller, Creighton Theology Department
  • 2/16/22 — "WTF?! What's That Feeling?!" with Fr. Jeff Sullivan, SJ, Campus Ministry
  • 11/09/21 — "Living Like the Saints" with Chase Becker, Campus Ministry & St. John's
  • 9/28/21 — "Room at the Table: Joys & Challenges of a Catholic Woman" with Beth Samson, Campus Ministry
  • 4/22/21 — "The Consolations & Desolations of Friendship" with Eva-Maria Harwerth ('21)
  • 3/18/21 — "The Science of Faith" with Ben Jansen, nSJ
  • 2/18/21 — "The Spirituality of the Struggle" with Meredith Lierk (VIP Center) and Kyle Lierk (Campus Ministry)
  • 10/21/20 — "Where Spirituality Meets Politics: Civil Engagement in an Uncivil Election Year" with Kelly Tadeo Orbik (SCSJ) and Jeff Sullivan, SJ (Campus Ministry)
  • 9/24/20 — "The Holiness of Questioning & Doubt" with Fr. Gregory Carlson, SJ and Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ
  • 4/16/20 — "Reflecting on Closure and Gratitude" with Angie Ngo ('20) and Nick Goodenow ('20)
  • 2/17/20 — "Embracing Lenten Sacrifice" with Fr. Peter Nguyen, SJ
  • 1/28/20 — "Faith, Food & Friendship" with Brittany Hall, Campus Ministry
  • 11/19/19 — "Spiritual Lessons from the Weight Room" with Brother Patrick Douglas, SJ (Bro. Pat)
  • 10/24/19 — "Simplicity" with Mallory Murphy ('21) and Caroline Adrian ('21)
  • 9/24/19 — "Community" with Ed Nuñez, SCSJ