Communication Studies

Where to Find Us

The Department of Communication Studies is located on the third floor of the Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, one of the oldest buildings on campus and previously home to the Creighton Law School. A detailed campus map can be found here

What You Can Do With a Communication Studies Degree

All students complete internships, where they apply what they have learned in the
classroom to the real world. Communications studies majors have completed a number of unique internship positions through organizations including:

Burlington Capital Group
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Salvation Army
Target Corporation
Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Nebraska Special Olympics
Creighton Athletic Marketing
Business Ethics Alliance
KVSS Radio

All majors conduct an independent, senior research project for credit. Many of our
students have presented their research at a variety of academic conferences.

Department of Communication Studies

Student Testimonials

I decided to major in Communication Studies because it encompasses every area of life. It surrounds us through more forms and webs than we can imagine. And it not is not black and white like math or science, but it involves the grey area. It is constantly changing and always different.
I'm learning a great skill set that can be applied to a lot of different things-the Communication Studies major opens up a lot of possibilities for my future.
I'm gaining the knowledge to effectively and efficiently communicate with others and be able to apply the theories I have learned in my everyday life.

The Department of Communication Studies is a vibrant program focused on teaching, service, and scholarship. Communication courses provide a strong foundation for your education while introducing communication theory, practicing communication principals, investigating how we interact with others, analyzing how we behave when joining an organization, studying how spirituality influences communication, and considering how popular culture impacts our daily lives.

Communication Studies Mission & Values

The Department of Communication Studies prepares students to be intellectually curious, go into the world informed by Jesuit values, and contribute meaningfully to their communities and professions. Within our program, students will analyze, craft, and evaluate communication messages and understand communication as a set of everyday practices that are mindful, purposeful, and strategic. Students learn to ask good questions and find the answers about meaningful problems in our society, our workplaces and our personal lives. In our major capstone sequence, all students conduct a senior research project, complete an internship and reflect on the role of communication in their work, and connect communication with Jesuit values of service and justice. Our program offers flexibility in terms of choices of projects, service, and work experiences, giving students a chance to pursue a wide variety of occupations or graduate programs pursuant to their particular talents, callings, and interests. Our graduates are able to embrace and act on complex problems in groups, organizations, relationships, and cultures.

Communication Studies students and faculty joined together to volunteer at Project Homeless Connect Omaha on April 1, 2016. Watch the video to learn more about our department: