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Dental Implants Education

Educational materials for current and future dental implant patients.

You are considering joining millions of patients around the world who are successfully using dental implants today.

You may be missing only one tooth, or you may be missing all of your teeth. Whatever your situation, implants have become a proven treatment, reliable enough to offer a lifetime of service.

You may be surprised. Implants aren’t appropriate for every patient, there are some risks involved, and man-made things are imperfect compared to the natural things they are intended to replace. 

But the overwhelming majority of implant patients are very pleased with their implant treatment and they find that the quality of their lives has been greatly improved.  

The decision to get an implant is an important one. You will want to ask as many questions and gather as much information as you can.  

As you will see, there are two distinct steps in every implant plan: the placement of the implant (the surgery), and making the restoration which attaches to the implant (the crown or denture).  These steps are often done by different people.

You should begin first by talking to the restorative dentist; the one who will be making the restoration. The restorative dentist is in the best position to help you weigh your options; prescribe which type of implant should be used, how many implants should be placed, and where they should be placed to give you the greatest benefit.  

Dr. Charles Wilcox, director of implant dentistry, has compiled the following to provide you with detailed exploration regarding implant dentistry.