Michael J. Kelly, JD, LLM
Michael J. Kelly, JD, LLM

Michael J. Kelly, JD, LLM

Endowed Chair, The Senator Allen A. Sekt Endowed Chair in Law
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  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • European Union Law
  • Independent Directed Study in International / Comparative Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Law
  • National Security and Foreign Relations Law
  • Native American Law


Professor Kelly coordinates the International and Comparative Law Program and the GOAL Master’s Program at Creighton University School of Law. He is president of the U.S. National Chapter of L’Association International du Droit Pénal, a Paris-based society of international criminal law scholars, judges and attorneys founded in 1924 that enjoys consultative status with the United Nations. His research and teaching focuses on the fields of international and comparative law and Native American law. He is the author and co-author of five books and over thirty articles in these areas, and his widely-cited work is among the top 3% downloaded from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Cuba Policy
After 55 years, American foreign policy is now changing with respect to Cuba. Professor Kelly has been on the front lines of that change as an expert on the international law of expropriations. Professor Kelly wrote the grant that USAID awarded to the School of Law calling for creation of a model Cuba/U.S. bilateral property claims settlement tribunal which can be used to settle the claims of companies and citizens whose property was confiscated by the Castro regime when it came to power in 1959. Professor Kelly and the team of six law and political science faculty tasked with building this model reported out their recommendations as a book on The Resolution of Outstanding Property Claims Between Cuba & the United States (Creighton University Press 2007). He testified in Congress in 2010 on this issue as it relates to lifting the embargo on Cuba.
Since the President’s December 2014 announced changes on Cuba policy, Professor Kelly and Creighton faculty have taken many interviews on this subject following up on a larger article in the Boston Globe, including those from Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the Miami HeraldGlobe & Mail, Washington Post and Associated Press.
In addition to Cuba, Professor Kelly continues to consult with the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq on federalism and constitutional issues, and develop the Law School’s summer abroad program in Nuremberg, Germany and The Hague. He also serves as Co-Chair with David Satola (World Bank) of the American Bar Association’s Task Force on Internet Governance, and served from 2012-2015 as a member of the President’s Advisory Committee on Global Engagement for the American Association of Law Schools (AALS).

Full text publications

Publications and Presentations


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