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Global Scholars Program at Creighton University

Travel the world in four years.

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind educational and professional development program. Within four years, select students will live and study among a variety of cultures and people. They study languages, complete specialized coursework and research, and participate in internships while experiencing the unique social and service life of each location.

Creighton Global Scholars will become confident global citizens, ready for careers in international organizations.

A World of Opportunity

As a Global Scholar, you will complete a minimum of four global experiences during your time at Creighton, as well as a special companion seminar each semester to incorporate global learning into your major.

You’ll enrich your major studies with a global perspective.

Global Scholars students four year path through program.

Students must qualify to apply by achieving a minimum of a 3.3 weighted high school GPA. Due to course requirements and sequencing, students studying accounting, nursing, 3-3 law, 2-3 occupational therapy, 3-2 physics/engineering or 2-4 pharmacy are not eligible for the Global Scholars Program. Pre-health students should speak with their admissions counselor about what this program looks like alongside a pre-health track.


Submit a completed Creighton University Application for Undergraduate Admission, including all supporting materials by December 1, 2022.


Submit the Global Scholars Program application and all your supporting materials by Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. (in your local time zone). You can access the Global Scholars Program application through your student portal.


All eligible applicants are required to complete an interview. Interviews will be conducted on campus during the Special Programs Day held in late January or early February each year. Applicants are highly encouraged to attend Special Programs Day. For students who are unable to attend, phone interviews will be offered in mid-January 2023.

As a Global Scholar, your first semester freshman year will be spent in Bologna, Italy. You will spend one semester of your sophomore year in the Dominican Republic, through Creighton’s Encuentro Dominicano. Your next two international experiences will take place in the summer, with any number of Creighton's hundreds of summer program options.  Explore a list of common summer program offerings

$7,500 per year* for the first two years, in addition to Creighton's tuition and fees.  Room and board will be made in a combined payment for the Encuentro Dominicano program during sophomore year.  This fee includes all visas, flights for program-related travel, program excursions, traveler health insurance, as well as specialized advising, workshops, and guest speakers, in Omaha and overseas.  Students will be responsible for books and spending money.

The final two years of the program require an annual $750 administrative fee assessed during the fall semesters. Students should estimate approximately $6,000 for tuition, housing, meals, and flights for each summer program they choose, depending on the location and length of their program abroad. They may choose a program that is more or less expensive, and will work with the Global Engagement Office toward options and potential scholarships.  Students will pay the full cost of their summer programs.

Additionally, if students wish to register for more than 18 credit hours in a semester, they may be eligible for a limited tuition waiver. Eligible Creighton Global Scholars in good standing will not be charged tuition above and beyond the standard full-time tuition for a given semester if approved. Their eligibility will be subject to the approval of the Vice Provost for Global Engagement. 

*Tuition Benefit recipients should contact their Admissions counselor to discuss the additional tuition fee which applies to the freshman fall semester bill, since students will be studying at a Creighton University partner institution during that term.

As a Creighton Global Scholar, you will be well positioned to live, work, compete and collaborate anywhere in the world as a thoughtful, educated and experienced global citizen.
— René Padilla, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement