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Online ESL Resources for Students

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening activities for all levels, including TOEFL-type practice: Multiple-choice and cloze exercises, transcripts, and pre- and post-listening activities. A few exercises offer slideshows, too.

VOA Special English - With a vocabulary of 1500 words, spoken in short, simple sentences with no idioms, at about two-thirds the speed of standard English, the broadcasts include ten-minute news segments.  They feature science, development, agriculture, environment, news events, American idioms or culture, history, medicine, space, important people, and short stories.

National Public Radio - includes a huge number of articles, photographs, and sound files from a variety of non-commercial radio programs

The English Listening Lounge - 30 free exercises for beginning through advanced students.

TED Talks - Fascinating videotaped talks from experts on a wide variety of topics - highly recommended for advanced learners.

Voice of America - Here you can listen to news and features.

Longman's Dictionary - online dictionary with both British and American pronunciation, definitions, and example sentences. 

Academic Word List Vocabulary Exercises - includes pronunciation, definitions, and multiple choice exercises for the Academic Word List and various categories of English vocabulary - includes grammar and vocabulary puzzles from basic to advanced, crossword puzzles, and many bilingual exercises

ESL Desk - includes vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading practice and quizzes

General English Vocabulary Exercises

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue - a great site for information on General Writing, Research & Citation, Subject-Specific Writing, and ESL.

English Language Centre Study Zone - From the University of British Columbia. Click on an ability level to find Grammar, Reading, and Writing exercises.

Literacy Network Learning Resources - More advanced vocabulary and comprehension exercises based on CNN News stories you can read and listen to. (Western/Pacific Literacy Network)

Writing DEN - Articles with photographs and sound files, accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, and notetaking questions at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels.

A Guide to Grammar and Writing - Explanations and exercises by Professor Charles Darling of the Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut.

Grammar Links for ESL Students - many links for self-study quizzes,games for grammar and vocabulary - grammar and vocabulary quizzes from easy to difficult

ESL Idiom Page - (Dave's ESL Cafe)

Idiom, Phrasal Verbs, and Slang Quizzes for ESL Students - (Internet TESL Journal)

The Phrasal Verb Page - (By Dennis Oliver, from Dave's ESL Cafe)

Commonly-Used American Slang - (By Charles and Lawrence Kelly, Interesting Things for ESL Students)

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