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Simulation Center

Interprofessional, Hands-On Learning 

The department for simulation education makes up over 145,000 square feet of dedicated interprofessional simulation space across five floors of the CL and Rachel Werner Health Sciences Center on the Creighton University campus in Omaha.   
The center offers:   

  • 15 clinical exam rooms  
  • 10 single-patient hospital rooms  
  • An operating room 
  • A multipurpose task training lab 
  • A simulated apartment for home healthcare  
  • An interactive virtual reality space   
  • An acute care lab with nine hospital beds 
  • Two rehabilitation labs 

The Werner Center welcomes learners to gain skills and confidence in a safe, encouraging and realistic environment. Simulation experiences follow standards of best practice and evidence-based research, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to provide holistic, team-based care.  

Stat 15
high-fidelity simulated patients
Stat 8
health professions supported
Stat 3,500+
students enrolled in professional health sciences programs across all campuses

Learning Through Simulation

Simulation provides a safe environment for learners to practice free from the possibility of patient harm. Students can examine real-life consequences of interventions and develop understanding and competency through repetition. 

At the conclusion of each simulation event, a guided learner-centric debrief is performed, offering detailed feedback and evaluation. Research has shown that debriefing is an important component of simulation. This gives learners an opportunity to reflect on their simulation experience, make connections between learning concepts and interventions, and provides an opportunity for emotional expression. 


Vision and Mission


Leading the world in interprofessional healthcare simulation education and research that focuses on cura personalis or care for the entire person. 


Guided by the Jesuit traditions of Creighton University, we offer exemplary evidence-based simulation experiences that prepare our learners to succeed in collaborative, team-based healthcare. 

Simulation Center in Phoenix

At the Creighton Health Sciences Campus – Phoenix, the department for simulation education offers interprofessional simulation space across three floors.

Standardized Patient Program

Standardized patients are hired to portray real patient scenarios. They are extensively and continuously trained to provide a patient’s history, personality, symptoms and emotional state accurately and consistently. The standardized patient program provides a controlled and monitored healthcare environment that allows students to develop proficiency in critical thinking, communication and patient care for the whole person. Standardized patient encounters are a vital part of a student’s time at Creighton.