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Law School Student Success

Giving you an edge in the transition to Law School.

The Creighton University School of Law academic success program – known as Law School Student Success – provides academic support for all law students, with a focus on helping the first-year student make a successful transition to legal studies. A collaboration between Academic Success and the School of Law, Law School Student Success includes a seminar that explores effective learning and academic management strategies, individual academic support and professional academic coaching, bar exam preparation and assistance with writing and legal analysis.

Weekly Seminar

A weekly one-hour meeting for all 1L students held during the first nine weeks of the fall semester. Each session ends with a small group discussion facilitated by the same 2L mentors assigned at orientation. This non-credit bearing seminar focuses on the following areas of law school learning:

  • time management
  • test preparation
  • mindset and anxiety
  • note taking and outlining
  • test taking

Academic Coaching

Two academic coaches are available to assist individual students with academic or personal challenges that impact student success. One coach is a seasoned law professor who specializes in law school academic skills and legal analysis, while one coach is a licensed mental health practitioner with expertise in helping students develop learning strategies, overcome academic anxiety and manage personal issues that may impact success.

Writing Support

Recognizing the need for assistance with basic grammar and sentence structure, Law School Student Success also facilitates referral-based writing support provided by the Department of English Writing Center.

Bar Exam Workshop Series

A series of programs offered to students throughout their educational experience designed to improve bar preparation, encourage and enhance learning for subject areas that need the most attention, and increase pass rates. This includes an early orientation to the Bar exam in the 1L seminar, content review sessions, diagnostic exams, strategies and practice with multiple choice and essay questions, and the development of an individualized study plan.