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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Between Creighton School of Law and the National Street Law organization, you have the support and resources you need to successfully teach younger students about law, democracy and human rights.

Lesson Plans

When you develop your Street Law lesson plan, please use this example as a guide. Also, the following PDFs are excellent examples of model lesson plans that were created by former Creighton law students: 

Constitutional Law

•   Freedom_of_Speech_Quiz_2012
•   Freedom of Speech in the Classroom

Criminal Law and Procedure

•  4th_and_5th_Amendment_Jeopardy_-_2011
•  4th_Amendment_-_2012
•  5th_Amendment_-_2011 (HS)
•  Affirmative_Defenses_2011
•  Crimes_Against_the_Person_2012
•  Criminal_Trial_Start_to_Finish_-_2011
•  Exceptions_to_the_Exclusionary_Rule_-_2011
•  Introduction_to_Criminal_and_Civil_Law_-_2010
•  Miranda_Flowchart_-_2011
•  Preliminary_Crimes_and_Parties_2012
•  Probable_Cause_2012
•  School_Searches_2012
•  Search_of_Homes_Curtilage_and Open_Fields_-_2012.pdf
•  Murder_Problem_2012
•  Civil_vs._Criminal_Law_Jeopardy_Game_-_2010

Other Legal Topics

•   Players_in_a_Trial_2012
•   Introduction_to_Contracts_-_2012
•   Introduction_to_Contracts_-_2011
•   Stolen_Car_Mock Trial
•   Witness_Examination_Skills_2011

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