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The Creighton Law Review

The Creighton Law Review is a legal journal published by the students of the Creighton University School of Law.  Founded in 1967, the Creighton Law Review published its first edition in the spring of 1968.  As then Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote in that first issue, the purpose of a Law Review is to provide a "forum in which able minds subject existing legal principles to critical analysis within the context of changing conditions and in which imaginative alternatives to today's solutions are aired and tested through vigorous informal debate."   

Most significantly, the journal serves both practical and academic functions. The journal publishes pieces that provide practitioners with informative, well-drafted research.  It also creates a forum for scholarly debate and presents an opportunity for students to participate in that debate.  As such, this forum is highly structured and demands disciplined, self-critical writing in order to perform these two functions.  

The mission of the Creighton Law Review is to inform, educate, and serve the legal community, emphasizing the legal issues impacting Nebraska and the Eighth Circuit, and to provide a forum dedicated to the development of academic, research, analytical, and scholarly writing skills among law students.  

The Creighton Law Review is published in four annual editions. Each edition addresses relevant legal topics in the Midwest, as well as the nation.

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