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Sapphire Andersen

Sapphire Andersen

Sapphire Andersen

Creighton Scholar
Omaha, Neb.

I have always had a connection to Nebraska and to the small community, Marquette, about two hours west of Omaha, that I grew up in. I received my bachelor’s degrees in English and political science from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a 3.94 GPA in December 2016. During my time at UNO, I really fell in love with Omaha and so when I was looking at law schools, I knew I wouldn’t stray far and Creighton offered me an exciting new adventure right in my own backyard.

Choosing a law school is a journey with so many opportunities to think about. Yet during my visit to Creighton, everything seemed to click into place. When I interacted with faculty and students, it was easy to visualize the law school as a place where I would not only succeed, but flourish.

Honestly, what sold me on Creighton was the people. From the moment I set foot inside the law school, I felt welcomed by people who I felt genuinely cared about me, my aspirations and the path that led me to law school. I really believe that people here will embrace me as an individual and help me become ingrained in the Creighton law community.

I got my first taste of legal work when I was a development and communications intern at Legal Aid of Nebraska in the summer of 2015. I assisted the nonprofit with fundraising and advocacy, social media, marketing and communications and researching new grant opportunities. Last summer, I worked as a national legal website intern for the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina. This was a remote job that allowed me to work as an editor and contributor for a new national legal website resource for college students interested in pre-law and legal studies.

What attracts me about becoming a lawyer is that wherever there is change in the world, lawyers are involved. Through their words, arguments, policies and ideas, lawyers carve new stories and histories through their work in communities. While I do not yet have a clear idea of where I will find myself following law school, I do know that Creighton will open many doors for me.