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Department Information

Research Facilities 


The department occupies 16,000 square feet of space in modern buildings. More than three-quarters of the available space is used for research laboratories, which are completely equipped with all essential facilities, including a BSL-3 biocontainment facility. There is also a centrally located departmental pool of major equipment. Ample space is provided for each student. Well-appointed animal quarters and an animal operating room are available. Our affiliated Clinical Microbiology Laboratory is well equipped for extensive instruction in diagnostic microbiology, immunopathology, and viral serology. The Health Sciences Library has more than 210,000 volumes and currently receives 1,600 serials.


All states and fifty-four countries are represented in the Creighton student body. The University enrolls nearly 6,500 students, of whom more than 500 are members of the graduate division. There are usually between 7 and 10 graduate students in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology.  Additional information can be found on the student Facebook page.

Cost of Study

Graduate tuition is $896 per semester hour for 2019-2020. Students typically enroll for 8 hours of course work each semester.

Financial Aid 

Financial aid is generally available in the form of stipends and/or remission of tuition.


Completed applications must be on file with the Graduate School on or before February 1 for consideration for admission in the fall semester. Applications should include transcripts, scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examinations, and three letters of recommendation. Written correspondence should be addressed to:

Patrick C. Swanson, PhD
patrickswanson@creighton. edu
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Creighton University School of Medicine
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68178