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Residency Match

Preparing You For Future Training.

Creighton graduates have a sound reputation among residency program directors throughout the country and secure top residencies at competitive sites. Ninety-nine percent of residency program directors say they are happy to have additional Creighton graduates in their programs.

Creighton faculty and our nationwide alumni base work closely with and mentor M4s to prepare them for a successful match.

2023 Residency Match Summary

Cheers and celebrations marked Match Day in Omaha and Phoenix as the School of Medicine matched 92% of its graduating students to their number one specialty choice, accounting for 20 specialty areas. Michael G. Kavan, PhD, associate dean for student affairs at the school of medicine, who oversees the match process for fourth-year medical students, reported “an excellent residency match year.”

  • 165 Creighton students participated in matching programs this year.
  • 67 students (41%) matched into the primary care specialties of internal medicine (31), pediatrics (25), family medicine (9) and medicine-pediatrics (2).
  • The most popular specialties were Internal medicine (31), pediatrics (25), diagnostic radiology (16) and psychiatry (15).
  • These were followed by obstetrics & gynecology (13), general surgery (13), family medicine (9), emergency medicine (7), neurology (7), pathology (4), anesthesiology (3), physical medicine and rehabilitation (3), plastic surgery (3), urology (3), medicine-pediatrics (2), ophthalmology (2), otolaryngology (2), orthopedic surgery (2), dermatology (1) and thoracic surgery (1).
  • Creighton’s graduates will take their places across 30 states, including Arizona (22), California (17), Nebraska (11), Texas (11), Wisconsin (10), Illinois (10), Missouri (8), Ohio (8), Colorado (7) and Minnesota (7).
  • 144 were involved in the National Resident Matching Program, six in the San Francisco Match, four in the American Urological Association Match, and two in the Military Match. Some students, Kavan said, participated in more than one match.
I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s completely surreal that after all of these years, and a lot of setbacks, that everything I’ve worked for is finally happening. I owe it all to my family, friends and Creighton who helped me grow, supported me through the hard times and celebrated me in my triumphs.
— Katelyn Gibson, MD

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