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Family Medicine Residency

Family Medicine Residency 

Creighton University School of Medicine – Phoenix’s residency program in Family Medicine is ready to welcome you to the desert southwest. 

Our three-year residency program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Currently, our program recruits for 8 positions each year.

Our Family Medicine Residency Program started at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in 1973, with a goal to provide excellent care to a diverse, underserved population, and to prepare residents to provide complete, competent and compassionate care.  Over the years that goal has not changed.  In 2020 we moved to our new clinic home with Valleywise Health in south central Phoenix, where our diverse team of residents and faculty care for patients in a Federally Qualified Health Center.  We embrace Creighton University’s goal of being “men and women for others” through service to our patients and community.  We also share the mission of Valleywise Health, which is to “provide exceptional care, without exception, every patient, every time.”

Culture of Acceptance

One of our greatest strengths is a culture of genuine cooperation and acceptance.  We value our differences and appreciate the strength that residents from various backgrounds and places bring to our program.  

Caring for patient
Valleywise facility exterior

Our Program

The Valleywise South Central Health Center is the heart of our program.  As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we care for a diverse population of patients of all ages.  Our residency inpatient service at Valleywise Health Medical Center admits patients from our office and from several other Family Medicine offices within Valleywise Health.  Residents also have the opportunity to work at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.  Most of our specialty rotations are located in the outpatient departments of these hospitals.  Our inpatient pediatrics and pediatric emergency department rotations are at nearby Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

  • Provide high quality of healthcare for our patients and their families, with personal attention to their physical and emotional needs.
  • Create a center of academic excellence that promotes patient care and physician learning in a supportive, collaborative environment.
  • Train a diverse physician workforce to serve our community 
  1. We train physicians to become personal physicians for their patients.  All patients deserve a primary care physician who helps them receive the highest quality medical care available to them.   We define quality in terms of the quadruple aim of 1) improving the health of populations, 2) improving patient experience, 3) reducing cost, and 4) maintaining work-life balance for caregivers.   We do this by focusing on continuity of care, engaging our interprofessional team and using data to evaluate and improve our performance.
  2. We support a culture of academic excellence.  We help residents reach their potential as clinicians and as scholars, and prepare them for a career of lifelong learning.  We measure their academic growth in terms of medical knowledge, scholarly activity, clinical competence and their personal goals. 
  3. We value diversity in our residency and our community.  We seek to recruit and train a diverse group of residents and faculty who can provide care for all patients in our community, with special emphasis on caring for underserved populations.  We treat each patient and team member with dignity and respect and we look for opportunities to strengthen our community through service and excellent patient care.
  4. We prepare residents to be good partners and leaders in their practices, health systems, and communities.  Leadership and professional integrity are core values of our program.  We value working as part of interdisciplinary care teams and train residents to be team leaders through mentorship and by providing opportunities to lead.  We measure resident progress in professional and leadership development through milestone assessments, direct observation, and feedback from patients, faculty, and team members.

Our program began in 1973 as St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency. Since 1895, St. Joseph’s has had a mission to care for the underserved in our area, and throughout our history the program has shared that mission. In 2017, Creighton University, Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Valleywise Health, and District Medical Group, Inc., formed the Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance to support graduate medical education, and the program officially became part of the Creighton family. 

As part of the Alliance, we use both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Valleywise Health Medical Center for resident education.  In the fall of 2020, our program embarked on an exciting move from our previous clinic on the campus of St. Joseph’s to a new location at the Valleywise South Central Health Center in south central Phoenix, where we became part of the Valleywise Health system of Federally Qualified Health Centers.  In June of 2021 the clinic move was successfully completed.  Our inpatient service is based through Valleywise Health Medical Center. We still continue to use St. Joseph’s for some core rotations and enjoy the benefit of being able to work with two outstanding hospitals who share a common goal of excellence in graduate medical education and caring for the needs of our community. 

Family Medicine Contact

Corina Bejarano
Program Coordinator
Phone: 602.344.6611

The Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance 

In 2017, Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (SJHMC), Creighton University (CUSOM), Valleywise Health, and District Medical Group (DMG) joined forces to form the Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance. The Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance supports Creighton University School of Medicine - Phoenix Graduate Medical Education by providing strategic, financial and operational resources.