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Creighton University offers the same experience of excellence for online and on-campus students. We offer more than 25 bachelor’s and graduate degrees online.

As an online student, you will still experience the benefits of Creighton’s exceptional sense of community. Online discussions and activities ensure that you regularly interact with classmates. Course sizes are small so faculty can give you the attention that you deserve. Our staff is readily available to assist you with all of your advising needs.

See what we have to offer you. If you are a current student, find the resources you need below.

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The Student Experience

Being an online student at Creighton means you will be connected to other students and instructors, similar to being on the campus. While students new to online learning may be concerned about their readiness for this relatively new learning environment, students are provided an opportunity to assess their readiness to be an online learner. We also provide as resources to help ensure success. Download PDF iconTips for Successful Online Learning.

Your Online Courses

Courses taught online at Creighton are interactive. You will work with other students and your instructor through the use of

  • real-time web-conferencing
  • audio-visual learning materials
  • discussions,
  • other technologies.

Most courses are asynchronous, providing flexibility for your busy schedule.  However, courses are not self-paced. Assignment due dates will help ensure you are moving through each course toward that all important goal of graduation!

Online courses at Creighton are just as academically rigorous as the on-campus courses; they incorporate Creighton’s commitment to its mission and values.

Faculty members teaching online at Creighton are committed to your success.  They are well prepared to teach in the online environment and are looking forward to working with you through your program of studies.  

Online Student Support and Orientation

Being an online student at Creighton does not mean you are alone; the Creighton community is here to support you throughout your program. Students will be enrolled in a Distance Student Orientation based on the program of study. Information concerning orientation will be provided from your program. The orientation includes an introduction to the learning management system (BlueLine), the IT support desk, online library resources, Creighton’s mission and vision and how to access student resources.

Online Student Resources

Support Services and Offices

Commonly Used Tools

Your NetID and Blue password are required to access the following resources.

Disability Services

Creighton University is committed to providing all students equal access to educational opportunities, programs, and activities. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations must register with the Office of Disability Accommodations, complete a written needs assessment, and provide the ODA with documentation by a qualified evaluator. The ODA evaluates accommodation requests and ensures that reasonable accommodations are provided in a timely manner. Contact information is available on the Office of Disability Programs website.

Technology Requirements

Distance Student Technology Requirements: Hardware, Software and Internet

All Creighton University students enrolled in an online/distance program or course are required to have a laptop computer meeting or exceeding the below requirements. Any additional program/course-specific hardware or software requirements are listed in course syllabus.

Feature Required recommended
 Operating System Windows: 7
Mac: Yosemite
Windows: 8, 8.1, 10
Mac: El Capitan, Sierra


11.6”  12” or higher
 Processor Intel i-Series i3 or equivalent (Windows/Mac) 

Intel Core i5 or higher or equivalent (Windows/Mac) 

 Memory (RAM) 

4 GB 8 GB or higher
 Hard drive 250 GB 500 GB or higher
 Camera, speakers, microphone Internal  
 Headset/ear buds With built-in microphone  
 Internet speed 3 Mbps upload/3 Mbps download  
 Office 365 Free to all students  

 Latest version of: 

Students are highly encouraged to install Firefox and Chrome in addition to the installed browser. 


 Latest version of: 




  • The Microsoft Surface Laptop with Windows 10s and tablet devices, such as iPad, iPad Pro, Android, Amazon Fire, Chromebook, etc. are not sufficient to support all activities within distance/online programs.
  • Virtual operating systems such as Microsoft’s Virtual Machine, Parallels, VMware, VMware Fusion, Apple Boot Camp or any other virtual environments are not allowed.
  • Only genuine U.S.-English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, and British versions of Windows operating systems are supported.


Examples of laptop computers:

PC laptop PC 2-in-1 Surface pro with keyboard MacBook latptop

PC laptop 

PC 2-in-1 Surface Pro with keyboard MacBook laptop


All off-campus/distance students are required to purchase their own dedicated home high-speed Internet service at a minimal required speed of 3 Mbps upload and 3 Mbps download for viewing lecture captures, simultaneous screen sharing and video/audio conferencing. To test connectivity level, go to and run a test. 


As part of Office 365, faculty, staff, and students receive five (5) free copies of Office 365 to install on personally owned computers and devices. To access the download, sign in at using your netID [at] creighton [dot] edu (i.e. abc12345 [at] creighton [dot] edu) and your Blue password. Click on “Install Office 2016” button. This will locally install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Office 365 apps – a great benefit as you will not have to purchase Microsoft Office. 

  • Office Online: The latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Skype for Business. 
  • Installation on up to five PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPads 
  • 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage



  • All students in the SPAHP programs are required to adhere to the distance student technology requirements due to the robust use of learning technologies for both distance/online and campus students. 
  • Entry-level occupational therapy (OTD), pharmacy (PHA) and physical therapy (PTD) students are required to have digital inking capability. Several models of Windows PCs have built-in inking capability; MacBooks do not. There is no requirement for an iPad. If you own an iPad, several apps are available allowing inking. Please note, you must be able to export/save the document as a .PDF or .docx to submit as an assignment.
  • While Creighton endorses no particular eWriter brand over another, students have had success with the Wacom Intuos Draw or the Boogie Board Sync for laptops without integrated inking capability.


All students in the College of Nursing programs are required to adhere to the distance student technology requirements due to the robust use of learning technologies for both distance/online and campus students. 

International students interested in online programs

This PDF document PDF iconInternational Student Enrollment in Distance Programs contains important information for international students interested in distance education programs.  

For questions, contact the Global Engagement Office.

State Operations, Regulations and Licensure

Creighton University is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Creighton University is committed to complying with all states’ regulations for its distance learning programs. See State Operations, Regulations and Licensure.

Filing a Student Complaint

Notice to Distance Students: Creighton is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Currently, institutions offering online programming are required to provide distance students information in the event a student wishes to make a complaint about the distance program or course.

Should you wish to make a complaint, please consult the student complaint page.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the institutional process for handling complaints, the complaint (except for complaints about grades or student conduct violations) may be appealed, within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made, to the SARA portal entity in the home state of the institution against which the complaint has been lodged.

If you are located in Arizona or a non-SARA state, please refer to the State Contact List.