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JayBuck$ vs Dining Dollars

The Dining Dollars account is connected to your meal plan. This is a service that is supported by University Food Services. The amount of funds available each semester depends upon the meal plan you selected. The Dining Dollars account can only be used at the University Food Services locations on campus. By default, transactions at these locations will access your Dining Dollars first, then JayBuck$. Any Dining Dollars remaining at the end of the semester will be lost.

JayBuck$ is a stored value account, giving students the flexibility to pay for purchases with their ID card. You can use your card at any number of vendors on campus, including all Dining Services locations, Pepsi and snack vending machines, the bookstore, and photo copies. JayBuck$ works as a debit card, allowing you to pre-deposit money for spending. Funds loaded remain valid as long as you are at Creighton (they carry over each semester).