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Ignatian Advocacy

As the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice we seek to form students to help meet basic needs and work for structural change with and sometimes on behalf of those experiencing poverty and injustice. We look to resources such as the "two feet of love in action" which assert that we need service/charity and the work of justice and social change to build a more just world. We do this in community and with key partners. We hope you will join us for a faith-justice conference, internship or one time workshop experience. We invite all SCSJ program participants to learn about Ignatian Advocacy. 


Connect, learn, and engage with students and advocacy partners.

We encourage students to join one of the below opportunities to network, engage, learn, and meet other passionate student leaders also working to build a more just world.

If interested in these or other opportunities, contact our Associate Director Kelly Tadeo Orbik.

Faith Justice Conferences and Formation Opportunities

Washington DC Conference each winter. Registration opens Fall 2022. 

In 2022 over 160 attendees joined our event! This year’s workshops included Education, Climate Change, Criminal Justice, Voting Rights, Mental Health, Marijuana Legislation, Native American Community Concerns and Breaking News.  All presentations highlighted bills that are currently before the Nebraska Unicameral.  Attendees learned about general advocacy - what it is, what it includes, how to do it and how not to do it!  Our next event will be Saturday Feb. 11, 2023. Having a virtual event allowed attendees to participate from Omaha to Broken Bow to Mitchell in Nebraska and even participation from Kansas. More information at  “This event was impressive, an intergenerational coalition of interested people working to make Nebraska better.” — Christophe Schema, class of 2023.  

Each April, members of the Creighton University community meet virtually with congressional offices and urge policymakers to take action on behalf of refugees in partnership with JRS USA. This is one formation opportunity for students to learn how to participate in and lead a legislative visit using Ignatian Advocacy guidelines and priorities. 

“Recently, I participated in a legislative visit with Representative McCollum’s office.  I am always impressed by how transparent and eager they are speak with constituents.  For the past two years, I have been involved with legislative visits through the SCSJ.  My confidence in doing so has grown exponentially.  This stems in part from practice, but mainly has come from the realization that this advocacy is fundamental to our democracy.  It is the responsibility of both the representative and constituent to engage in this way.  I am grateful for these lessons as I set out into my career.” Clare Fitzpatrick, Creighton University, College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2021  
“Thanks so much for this coordination and effort.  It was a smooth and inspiring process, and I learned a lot!  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Creighton colleagues and students to bring specific refugee issues and asks directly to the elected officials representing me.  I think I can speak for the group in saying that we remain hopeful and optimistic that our time today and our passion for refugees’ thriving and flourishing will bear fruit in the decisions that the elected officials make in the near future!” Gratefully, Colleen Chiacchere, Director, Magis Catholic Teacher Corps  
“Amazing! Look at the Creighton group delivering results! We can’t thank you enough!” Josh Utter, Jesuit Refugee Service USA 

Creighton University is a member of the Ignatian Solidarity Network. Through this partnership we are able to support student attendees at annual conferences such as the Ignatian Justice Summit and Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice. 

As a Catholic Relief Services Global Campus students are invited to annual fall training and monthly chapter meetings. 

Faith-Justice Internship Opportunities

Students participating in faith-justice internships will:
  • Become faith justice leaders among their Jesuit/Catholic University peers
  • Lead others in engaging the legislative system to change structures with and on behalf of the poor and marginalized
  • Gain connections for personal and professional discernment and development in fields including social justice policy
  • Reflect on their own talents and passions as they connect with the needs of our world
  • Internships available during the academic year and/or summer