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Student Leadership

Information and Application Process for Students Interested in Coordinating a Trip

While you are responsible for the safety, logistics, and formation of your group, you are also in a unique position to accompany and challenge participants as they experience the world in a new way on a Service & Justice Trip. If you have previously been a participant on a SCSJ Service & Justice Trip and are currently a sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student you are eligible to apply for a coordinator position.

1. Apply Online

Leadership for Service & Justice Trips is a significant time commitment. Your attendance is expected at a number of events and meetings. While a conflict with training/formation does not automatically disqualify you from a position, since we have a finite number of coordinator spots, we prioritize selecting people who are able to complete all the required training.

If you are currently studying abroad but would like to coordinate a Spring 2025 trip, please go through the application process now. You will have to attend some formation now, and will continue the remainder of your formation and training once you return to campus.  

Please fill out the online portion of the application and submit it by Wednesday April 3, 2024. Please plan for 20-30 minutes as there are essays, and you are not able to save your application and return at a later time. If you begin the application, it may be submitted to us even if it is not complete, please plan to complete it in one sitting to avoid duplicate applications.

After completing your application, your application will be reviewed by student leaders (core team) and the program director. You may be offered an interview if you are selected to continue with the process. Interviews should take between 20 and 30 minutes. Interviews may be offered before April 13. 

2. Complete the interview

  • The interview is an opportunity for the student leaders and SCSJ staff to get to know you better. 
  • Anyone selected for coordinator formation will receive an email offer. 
  • Coordinator offers are contingent upon successful completion of Day of Formation, online asynchronous modules (during semester break) and attendance at 3 Coordinator Meetings.

3. Formation

  1. Coordinator Formation: Sunday, April 14 12-4 pm Day of Formation  
  2. Summer Break Blueline Content – The mixture of articles and videos can be engaged asynchronously anytime between the end of the semester and school year.  
  3. After this process, coordinators that have successfully completed the leadership formation/training will be placed on trips for Fall 2024.

4. Payment (Spring Semester):

  1. The SCSJ will be accepting the full payment for trips April 16 and April 17. We accept cash, check or credit card. Coordinator price for full week trips is $175 and for 5 day/Omaha trips is $50. 
  • The value and average cost for Service & Justice Trips is more than $500 per person. We reduce the price for all through the generosity of donors who support SCSJ fundraising efforts.
  • We discount our trips for our student leaders and for students who have demonstrated financial need.
  • We encourage anyone interested to apply for need-based student scholarships. The priority deadline for scholarships is April 16, 2024. After that, scholarship applications will be processed on a rolling basis while funds allow.  
  • Your Service & Justice Trips payment will be refundable for one week from the date of payment. Should you withdraw from the Service & Justice Trips program after that point, no portion of the payment is refundable because costs have been incurred on your behalf to prepare for the trips.

Fall 2024 Service & Justice Trips Dates

Fall 2024 Coordinator Information MeetingMarch 147:30 - 8 pmSkutt Ballroom
Coordinator Applications DueApril 3 Online
Coordinator InterviewsApril 4-10By invitationSCSJ Office
Coordinator Day of FormationApril 1411 am - 3 pm SCSJ
Scholarship Applications DueApril 16 Online
Coordinator & Participant Payments DueApril 16 & 1711 am – 4 pmSCSJ
Coordinator Meeting 1 Aug 228-9:30 pm Skutt 105
Coordinator Meeting 2Sept 58-9:30 pmSkutt 104
Coordinator Meeting 3Sept 198-9:30 pmSkutt 105
General Meeting 1 (includes set up & clean up) Sept 127:45-10 pmSkutt Ballroom
General Meeting 2Sept 267:45-10 pmSkutt Ballroom
General Meeting 3Oct 37:45-10 pmSkutt Ballroom
Send-Off ServiceOct 108-9 pm Harper 2057/2058
Fall BreakFriday Oct. 11 or Saturday Oct. 12- Saturday Oct. 19  
ReunionOct 248-9 pm

Skutt Ballroom

Spring 2025 Coordinator Information MeetingOct 247:30-8 pmSkutt Ballroom