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Service and Justice Trips Core Team

Working directly with the SCSJ Assistant Director responsible for Service & Justice Trips, the Service & Justice Trips Core Team is responsible for guiding the entire preparation and formation process for the Service & Justice Trips program. Not only are Core Team members collaborating with SCSJ staff to establish host site contact, partnerships, and to manage trip travel logistics, they are the lead students training all trip coordinators and trip participants for their engagement in the Service & Justice Trips program. Core Team members have a voice in all aspects of the Service & Justice Trip program, especially during the semesters that they are specifically organizing the trips. Core Team members serve for three complete semesters, including the breaks that occur between them, so that they have an opportunity to learn about the program, its logistics and requirements, and its core Pillars more deeply from an outgoing Core Team, before stepping into the role of leading the program on their own. The final semester of work as a Core Team member is to support the transition between Core Teams, so that no Core Team operates without the knowledge and experience of someone who has previously held this role being passed on to them.

Core Team Member Qualities:

  • Commitment to living daily the Pillars of the Service & Justice Trips program
  • Readiness for management of group trainings and team meetings
  • Strong skills in conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • Willingness to think openly, creatively, and to bring new ideas to the table
  • Passion for working toward greater justice
  • Strong ability to be flexible as the tasks and realities of Service & Justice trips continue to change, especially as we continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the program.
  • Strong time management skills and communication skills


Expectations of a Core Team Member:

  • Timely communication of any changes to their academic schedule that would impact completion of Core Team responsibilities
  • Being present and attentive for any and all Service & Justice Trips-related tasks
  • Supporting all SCSJ programs, initiatives, and projects, and helping whenever possible
  • Being available to support and help recruit Coordinators for all Service & Justice Trips
  • Being able to support and help recruit Participants for all Service & Justice Trips


Core Team Schedule Commitments:

  • Participation in a one-semester, non-credit, seminar-based course, centered on the principles guiding the Service & Justice Trips program and the leadership styles Core Team members rely on in coordinating the program
  • Willingness to commit at least 90 minutes per week to a Core Team Meeting with the SCSJ Assistant Director for Service & Justice Trips
  • Willingness to commit at least 8 additional “Core Team Office Hours” each week to allow dedicated time for completion of Core Team projects