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Insurance for a Healthy Campus

Academic Year Overview

The United Healthcare Student Resources waiver site (linked below) will open in a phased approach over the summer. The waiver site will be available on the following dates for the 2024-25 academic year:

Phase 1 (5/1/24 to 5/31/24, 7/17/24 to 9/6/24) – Rising D2, D3, D4, M3, & M4 students

Phase 2 (6/1/24 to 7/7/24, 7/17/24 to 9/6/24) – All incoming freshmen

Phase 3 (7/17/24 to 9/6/24) – All remaining students

The waiver period for those enrolled for the Fall 2024 semester will remain open through September 6, 2024. Those who do not submit a waiver by this deadline will be enrolled for annual coverage (effective 8/1/24 – 7/31/25). The premium for annual coverage is split evenly between the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters.

Incoming spring students can waive their insurance starting mid-December.

Questions can be directed via email to

About the Requirements

To ensure students’ academic success, Creighton requires that all full-time students (Undergraduate = 12 credits/semester; Graduate = 8 credits/semester) be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan for the entire academic year.

  • New and returning students are auto-enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • The university policy on student health insurance can be accessed in The Creighton University Student Handbook.
  • Health Insurance must include the following coverage requirements: 
    • National Coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical care.
    • National Coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health care.
    • Coverage is currently active and maintained for the entire school year, including summers.
    • Offers an unlimited lifetime maximum.
    • Emergency and urgent care only coverage does not satisfy the requirement.
  • If a student already has a comprehensive insurance plan (see the FAQ section below for requirements), they are eligible to waive the University-sponsored coverage after registering for classes. Students will have access to the waiver process after the insurance charge is posted to their tuition account. Please visit the Waiver Process site for more information on how to waive
  • The annual online waiver process closes on September 6, 2024 (the site will reopen in December for new spring-semester students). If no waiver is approved at the beginning of the fall semester, the student will be enrolled for annual coverage. Students will have access to the waiver process after the insurance charge is posted to their tuition account. 
  • The premium for the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan will remain on the student’s account unless the waiver process is completed before the deadline.
  • When the Student Health Education and Compliance Office becomes aware of a lapse in the student’s insurance coverage, the student will be automatically enrolled in the University-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and the tuition statement will reflect a charge for the entire premium. This includes students turning 26. 
  • Click here to view plan pricing.

Yes, if the plan includes comprehensive coverage.

Contact the customer service line for your insurance carrier to determine the scope of your plan. Some plans have provisions specific to college students, so it will be helpful to mention that this is your circumstance. If you have a comprehensive plan you may waive the University plan.

A comprehensive health insurance coverage plan must meet the following compliance requirements:

  • National coverage is included for inpatient and outpatient medical care. (Emergency only coverage does not satisfy this requirement)
  • National coverage is included for inpatient and outpatient mental health care. (Emergency only coverage does not satisfy this requirement)
  • Coverage is currently active and maintained for the entire academic year and summer.
  • Coverage offers an unlimited lifetime maximum.

If your existing coverage satisfies the University requirement (see tab above), you may proceed with waiving the University-sponsored plan.

You will then be asked to upload an image of the front of your insurance card and an image of the back of your insurance card.

When the information is submitted, it will be verified and you will receive a message confirming the acceptance of your waiver within two weeks of submission

If your insurance is deemed non-compliant with University requirements you will receive notification that your waiver application was declined and you will be enrolled and charged for the coverage offered through the University.

The student health insurance charge will come off of your tuition account within 2-3 business days of waiver approval.

Check your Creighton Email address often!

All registered undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours and graduate/professional students taking 8 or more credit hours are automatically enrolled for this insurance plan.  

Eligible students who enroll may also insure their dependents. Eligible dependents are the student’s legal spouse and dependent children under 26 years of age.

  • You can enroll dependents once you have created your account. 
  • If you wish to access your insurance materials and access your account prior to the end of the waiver period, please go to the waiver site and choose the opt-in tab and follow the prompts.
  • Any student who is in need of health insurance coverage may submit a request for coverage to

Creighton University requires health insurance. Dental and vision coverage are also available, but not required.

Yes. Your family may be eligible for COBRA coverage. COBRA coverage is expensive and you must enroll within 31 days to avoid a lapse in coverage. Another option is to enroll in our University-sponsored Creighton Student Health Insurance plan.

Please ensure the size of the file that you uploaded is less than 8MB in size. 

If you continue to have issues, please try completing the form using a different browser.

If you continue to encounter difficulty, contact for assistance.

The waiver period closes September 6, 2023, and an enrollment message will be emailed to you in the days after.  If you wish to access your card and account information before that, click on the link to waiver site and choose “Opt In.”

Click on the link to waiver site and choose “Opt In.” In the days following your submission, you will receive a welcome email with directions on how to set up your account.  You will be able to enroll dependents through your UHCSR account.

Contact Information

Student Health Education and Compliance Office
P: 402.280.2735
F: 402.280.1859

Insurance Questions

Immunization Questions

Academic Year Waiver Process*

*Waiver process becomes available after the charge is posted to your account.

Creighton Student Health Insurance Plan

If you need health insurance, our University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is here for you. The plan is designed specifically for today’s college student and his/her dependents and provides cost-effective comprehensive coverage.

Those who have recently lost health insurance coverage may be eligible for enrollment. Inquiries may be directed to