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Academic Success Workshops

Helping Student Succeed

From academic strategies to test anxieties, the Creighton Student Success has a workshop to help you success.

Schedule a workshop for your student organization, RSP group, or class! View the available workshops below.

Test Preparation

This workshop focuses on test-preparation and study skills. Some students are just now learning how to study, as this may be the first time they have needed to put in time outside of class to achieve the same level of success they experienced in high school. We review best practices to gear up for test time.

50 minutes
Randi Bibins-Clark, Sarah Shaner

Time Management

Upon arrival to Creighton, students experience an exciting (and scary) new freedom: time. In this workshop, we discuss best practices for setting and maintaining goals, holding oneself accountable, avoiding time-wasters, and finding the right balance of fun, work, and sleep! Students will walk away with an individualized study plan that they can (and hopefully will) put to use right away.

50 minutes
Randi Bibins-Clark, Sarah Shaner

Academic Strategies

These mini workshops focus on specific academic skills necessary to succeed in college.

  • Academic Listening
  • Note-taking
  • Getting the Most from your Textbook

30 minutes/topic
Randi Bibins-Clark, Sarah Shaner

Test Anxiety

This workshop focuses on the stress and anxiety that students face, often for the first time, during test time. Strategies and resources are offered to help identify, understand, and manage test-related anxiety.

50 minutes
Randi Bibins-Clark


This workshop focuses on what drives our students to succeed. We discuss how to maintain motivation when faced with difficult coursework, setbacks, personal struggles, and a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

50 minutes
Randi Bibins-Clark, Sarah Shaner


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