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Julia Staniszewski

“At TeamMates Mentoring, my supervisors are helping me make connections for my future career.”
– Julia Staniszewski

Mentorship-Fueled Internship Experience

Julia’s internship at TeamMates Mentoring provided firsthand exposure to the power of mentorship. She observed the organization's mission of serving others in action and received valuable guidance from her supportive supervisors. Founded by the legendary Tom Osborne, TeamMates Mentoring pairs adults with children in need of an extra mentor in their lives. As the program services intern, she gained real-world experience working events, honed her communication skills by making reference calls and learned the ins and outs of working in a nonprofit organization. Julia says her co-workers were “so willing to help me, and they allowed me to take on projects that align with my interests.” The Career Center at Creighton, internship supervisors and Heider College of Business faculty have provided Julia a network of connections as she prepares for a promising career ahead.

TeamMates Mentoring Inspires Creighton Student

Julia Staniszewski and friend in mentorship room.
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