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Upward Bound Student Council

What is the UB Student Council Program?

The Upward Bound Student Council (UBSC) is comprised of current 9th-12th grade Upward Bound Program participants. Student Council participants act as representatives of the Upward Bound Programs' student body, using their voice and actions to promote positive change within their community, while further developing their own leadership & interpersonal skills.

How do I join Upward Bound Student Council?

  • To apply, students should submit a completed application, including student and parent/guardian signatures, and receive approval from the UBSC representative coordinator.
  • To remain eligible, Upward Bound Student Council members must maintain a minimum 2.8 GPA, regularly attend UBSC meetings, and fulfill the duties of their UBSC position with fidelity.
  • Students seeking elected positions will need to campaign for office.
  • General Committee Members do not campaign for office, but will submit a brief 150-word explanation of why they wish to join Student Council and what they hope to achieve as a member.

Who are the Upward Bound Student Council Members?

UBSC 2020-2021


Kai James

Vice Chairperson:

Marie-Claire Broohm


Mia Birch


Jordan Saxton

PR Specialist:


General Committee:

Nyakek Buop, Giselle Coronado, Aniyah Durham, Bethany Irvine, Joshua King, Justine Niyonzima, Ella Zook