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Biology Major (Bachelor of Science)

Creighton’s Bachelor of Science in biology degree will prepare you to follow your passion, whether that’s medicine, biotechnology, research, education, an environmental field or another area. A biology major is perfect for you if you’re interested in the natural world, healthcare or environmental issues and want to learn how living systems function.

A Creighton biology degree will set you apart. Here, undergraduates take part in research, working alongside faculty mentors on projects in the College of Arts and Sciences, our health professions schools, local hospitals—even the zoo.

Plus, with a foundation in Jesuit, Catholic values, Creighton students also gain the ability to respond to ethical issues with biological dimensions.

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Program Details

Program Goals

The Bachelor of Science in biology is designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths. It includes foundational work in biology as well as chemistry and physics, combined with upper-division courses in areas of focus. The major is popular among pre-medical and pre-dental students, as well as students planning on attending graduate school in biology and related fields.

As a biology major, you’ll gain:

  • A deep understanding of fundamental concepts in the life sciences 
  • Analytical, investigative and communications skills needed to excel in postgraduate and career pursuits
  • The ability to effectively respond to moral and ethical issues with biological aspects


The biology major consists of 57 credits of coursework.

  • General Biology: Two semesters / 8 credits
  • Foundational courses in chemistry and physics: Six semesters total / 24 credits
  • Upper-division biology courses: Seven lecture courses and four labs / 25 credits

Upper-division coursework is tailored to the interests and post-graduate plans of each student.

Interested in teaching in secondary education?

Biology majors intending to become secondary level teachers should work with advisors in both the Biology and Education Departments. The biology course requirements for the degree are the same as those for all biology majors, but particular courses are recommended to meet state requirements. In addition, support course requirements are different for secondary education students than for other biology majors.

If you’re interested in teaching, consider starting your graduate studies with a Master of Education in Secondary School Teaching while finishing up your bachelor’s degree to get a head start in your teaching preparation.

Learn how to save a year of time and tuition through our Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Programs.

Minor in Biology

If you’d like to supplement another degree program with knowledge of biology, consider the minor in biology. Like the biology major, the minor offers the opportunity for in-depth exploration of areas of interest from across biology. 

The biology minor consists of 18 hours of coursework:

  • General Biology: Two semesters / 8 credits
  • Upper-division biology coursework: 10 credits total

Admissions Requirements

Creighton admissions are based upon:

  • High school GPA
  • ACT or SAT scores*
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal statement to demonstrate creative abilities not reflected in your transcripts
  • Recommendation from high school counselor
  • Honors sections and advanced placement courses will enhance a candidate’s application
*For students who are choosing to apply test-optional, ACT/SAT exam scores are not required at the time of application for admission.

Dates & Deadlines

Applications for the fall semester open on Aug. 1 of the prior year. For scholarship consideration, the earlier you complete your undergraduate application, the better. For up-to-date deadlines, visit our admissions page.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition rates are updated each year. Visit our financial aid site to learn more about the cost of attendance.

Financial Aid

Creighton University’s Financial Aid Office administers over $200,000,000 in student aid each year from federal, state, institutional and private sources.

To help make your undergraduate studies at Creighton University more affordable, we encourage you to file the FAFSA to apply for financial assistance. A variety of scholarships are also available.

Abby Dolata
“I really like the easy access to research and being able to study a topic I care about that has potential to benefit a lot of people. Since biology is intrinsically connected to both research and medicine, it has the potential to do a lot of good.”
— Abby Dolata, Biology Major
Eli Blaney
“Together with authentically supportive faculty and incredible resources in the Biology Department, I have been challenged to surpass my goals and discover how I can build myself up for my future.”
— Eli Blaney; Biology, Computer Science and Music Major
Michael Franco
“My time as a biology major prepared me to get into and thrive in medical school. In spending extra time answering my questions and connecting me with opportunities outside of class, much of my success has stemmed from the investment of the faculty.”
— Michael Franco, Biology Alumnus

Biology Club

  • The Biology Club is a meeting place for students interested in biological sciences. Members exchange ideas with each other as well as with faculty.

Pre-Dental Society

  • This organization provides an educational service to undergraduate students interested in the dental profession and informs them of the mission of the Creighton University School of Dentistry.

Pre-Medical Society

  • The Pre-Medical Society fosters a feeling of friendship and intellectual unity among its members. The organization provides information and support related to preparations to enter the field of medicine.

Pre-Vet Club

  • The Pre-Vet Club provides support and knowledge to students who are interested in applying to veterinary schools. We expose members to various aspects of veterinary medicine, including hands-on experience and community service opportunities.

Pre-Optometry Club

  • This club is for students interested in the profession of optometry and those seeking to better understand the profession before pursuing the career.

Creighton biology majors have opportunities to conduct faculty-mentored independent research, with the potential to publish and present at professional scientific meetings. Creighton offers summer and yearlong research fellowships to undergraduates. Learn more at the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS).

A potential four-year plan for biology majors is shown below. Completion of Creighton’s bachelors degree program in four years requires taking an average of 16 credits per semester, as well as timely completion of the core and degree requirements. Students desiring a lighter load during the regular academic year can consider summer or winter offerings in order to complete 32 credits or more per year. For information on the General and Core Requirements, students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Biology courses are in blue. Support courses are in red. Credit hours are in parentheses.

Freshman Year
General Biology - BIO 201 & 205 (4)
General Chemistry - CHM 203 & 204 (4)
Freshman Seminar (1)
Core Courses (6)

15 credits

General Biology - BIO BIO 202 & 206 (4)
General Chemistry - CHM 205 & 206 (4)
Core Courses (7-9)

15-17 credits

Sophomore Year
Biology Course (3-4)
Organic Chemistry - CHM 321 & 322 (4)
Core Courses (7-10)

15-17 credits

Biology Course (3-4)
Organic Chemistry - CHM 323 & 324 (4)
Core Courses (7-10)

15-17 credits

Junior Year
1 or 2 Biology Courses (3-8)
General Physics - PHY 201 & 205 (4)
Core and Electives (3-8)

15-17 credits

1 or 2 Biology Courses (3-8)
General Physics - PHY 202 & 206 (4)
Core and Electives (3-8)

15-17 credits

Senior Year
1 or 2 Biology Courses (3-8)
Directed Independent Research (1-3)

Core and Electives (4-10)

15-17 credits

1 or 2 Biology Courses (3-8)
Directed Independent Research (1-3)

Core and Electives (4-10)

15-17 credits

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