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Nursing Dual Degree (BSN)

Creighton is partnering with several colleges to offer unique pathways to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). With the dual degree 3+1 program, you’ll spend three years at either Concordia University, Nebraska, Wayne State College, Hastings College or York University, before starting Creighton’s 12-month Accelerated BSN program on our Phoenix or Omaha campuses.

Students in the 3+1 programs will earn two degrees in four years. You’ll have a traditional college experience on the campus of your choice and then finish your degree in Creighton’s renowned program. With a focus on the greater good, a Creighton BSN will prepare you to be a compassionate practitioner ready to make a difference in the patients’ lives.

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Program Details

What You’ll Learn

Graduates of the dual-degree program will earn two bachelor’s degrees in four years. Students at Hastings College will earn a Bachelor’s in Biology, Health Systems. Students at York University will earn a Bachelor’s in Biology with a concentration in Health Services. Students at Concordia University, Nebraska will earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Students at Wayne State College will earn a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Students from all four partner schools will also earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Creighton.

Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program prepares all students to:

  • Integrate respect for each person’s dignity, worth and spiritual uniqueness into professional practice
  • Synthesize knowledge and evidence from nursing and other disciplines to coordinate healthcare for diverse clients
  • Demonstrate clinical judgment and professional accountability that supports safe practice and quality client outcomes
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively as a leader and advocate using diverse modalities
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively in the coordination and management of care
  • Incorporate deliberate reflection, self-awareness and values consciousness into a process of personal and professional formation
  • Integrate professional, legal and ethical standards into nursing practice

Admissions Requirements

Students can apply for the 3+1 program through Concordia University, Nebraska, Wayne State College, Hastings College or York University. Then, during your Junior year, you will apply to Creighton’s ABSN program.

Progression Requirements

The following requirements must be met while enrolled in the partner school curriculum for admission into the Creighton University College of Nursing ABSN program. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students must complete the following 33–34 semester hours of prerequisite courses and must carry a grade of “C” (2.0) or above in the following prerequisite courses to be accepted to Creighton.

  • 3 semester hours (or 4.5 quarter hours) each of:
    • General Sociology
    • General Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology (must cover the lifespan)
    • Ethics
    • Statistics
    • 2-3 semester hours (or 3-4.5 quarter hours) of:
      • Human Nutrition
    • 4 semester hours (or 6 quarter hours) each of:
      • Human Anatomy or Anatomy and Physiology I
      • Human Physiology or Anatomy and Physiology II
      • General Chemistry (cannot be an Introductory Chemistry, Survey of Chemistry or a combined General/Organic/Biochemistry course)
      • Microbiology
  • Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Chemistry, Microbiology must be completed in the last 10 years.
  • Pre-requisites can be in progress when you apply to the program, but applicants must have one of the following course sequences completed before the application deadline.
    • General Chemistry and Anatomy (A&P I)
    • General Chemistry and Physiology (A&P II)
    • Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (A&P I and A&P II)

*No more than two “C” grades in science courses

A block of 70 transfer credits is added to the student's academic record upon successful completion of term 4 in the ABSN program. This block credit represents the prerequisite coursework and Magis Common Core courses, as well as additional elective credit, needed to fulfill the College of Nursing’s BSN degree requirements.

Dates & Deadlines

For up-to-date deadlines, visit our admissions page.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Learn more about tuition, aid and scholarships specifically for Creighton nursing students. Learn about how to apply for financial aid, and consult this important information for consumers.

Students joining the Nursing Dual Degree program from our 3+1 partners are eligible for unique scholarship opportunities. 

Nurses are in high demand. As a bachelor’s prepared nurse, you’ll be presented with a myriad of career opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook projects a 9% increase in nursing positions created through 2030, reflecting more than 276,000 new nurse positions. Only 3 out of 5 nurses work in hospitals. Nurses also work in schools, correctional facilities, private companies, home health agencies, mental health settings, long-term care facilities, community health, government and social service agencies, and research.

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