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Ways to Submit Documents

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As a counselor, you work hard for your students. One thing that shouldn’t be hard is submitting documents on their behalf. We have multiple ways to submit documents to Creighton University. Choose the one that makes your life easiest. Counselors can submit documents in the following ways:

Electronic Submission

School officials may submit documents electronically. Documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, saved recommendation forms, and ACT/SAT score reports, are considered official, provided they are sent from an official school email address. 

Through Common Application

If a student applies to Creighton through the Common Application and you complete the Secondary School Report, this fulfills their counselor recommendation.

Through Naviance/Family Connection

If a student applies to Creighton but does not use the Common Application, they must check the box in Naviance that indicates they did not apply to Creighton via Common App. If they don’t, we are unable to access or even see their documents in Naviance.

Submit Our Online Counselor Evaluation

Regardless of how a student applies, you can fill out our online evaluation form. If you have a recommendation saved from a previous use, you likely don’t need to fill out this form again. Simply submit the recommendation electronically. If you already completed the Secondary School Report, this fulfills the student’s counselor recommendation.

Through an Email Link

A student can list their counselor name and email address on their application. If they do so, you may receive an email prompting you to fill out a form. This could be from Creighton or SENDedu. If you don’t receive the email, don’t worry - simply access the form on our webpage.

Mail documents    

You can send official documents in the mail to the following address:
      Creighton University
      Attn: Admissions Office
      2500 California Plaza
      Omaha, NE 68178

Note that we do not accept faxed items as official documents.

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