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International Scholarships & Financial Aid

Creighton — an investment that pays dividends for life.

Every international student who applies to Creighton is automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. With Creighton, you’re making an investment in the future – and your future with us is full of possibilities.

Scholarships Awarded Exclusively to International Students

All international students who apply to Creighton before March 1, 2024 are automatically considered for Matteo Ricci, S.J. Awards.  We’re looking for students who achieve in the classroom, students with extraordinary talent, students who give back to their communities, and students who embody Jesuit ideals.

Monthly Electronic Transfer Payment Plan

For students and parents unable to pay tuition and fees all at once, Creighton offers a monthly payment plan known as the Monthly Electronic Transfer Payment Plan. By participating in this low-cost plan, you can avoid the impact of paying a full semester's costs in one sum. Visit our payment page for details, or get in touch with our Business Office for more information (you must have a U.S. bank account to participate in this plan):

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Creighton University works closely with EducationUSA, which is located in over 100 countries across the globe. Please reach out to your local EducationUSA branch to see if they have any additional information about local and government scholarships, or payment opportunities that are available to students from your home country.

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