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Food and Housing Rates

Creighton’s 2023-2024 Food and Housing Rates

See the table below for a full breakdown of the food (meal plans) and housing rates at Creighton.

Housing Rates (Freshman & Sophomore)

Hall2023-2024 Semester Rate2023-2024 Full-Year Rate
Traditional Halls  
Standard Double Room and Full Meal Plan for Deglman and Kiewit $6.025$12,050
Suite-Style Halls  
Apartment Halls  
Kenefick - Efficiency$3,780$7,560
Kenefick - One Bed$3,885$7,770
Heider - Suite Double$3,805$7,610
Heider - Small One Bed$3,805$7,610
Heider - Large One Bed$3,945$7,890
Heider - Two Bed$3,845$7,690
Heider - Efficiency$3,835$7,670
Davis - Nine Month$3,985$7,970

Freshman and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Students from the Omaha area may opt of living on campus, but must live with a parent or guardian. Exceptions to the live on expectation are granted by the Assistant Vice Provost of Housing and Auxiliary Services or their designee.


Apartment Rates (Upperclassman)

Hall2023-2024 Monthly Rates2023-2024 Full-Year Rate
Opus - Twelve Month$840$10,080
Creighton offers a limited number of on campus apartments for upperclassman. Housing is not required, nor is it guaranteed for upperclassman.


Food/Meal Plans

Dining Plan2023-2024 Semester Rates2023-2024 Full-Year Rate
Traditional Plans  
All Access + $150 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,780$5,560
14 Meals + $600 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,780$5,560
10 Meals + $1,000 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,780$5,560
7 Meals + $700 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$1,910$3,820
Flex Plans  
Flex 85 + $420 Dining Dollars$1,335$2,670
Flex 65 + $350 Dining Dollars$1,055$2,110

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