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Social Work Admission Process

Students interested in a Social Work major are encouraged to meet with one of the social work faculty in advance to explore options. Admission into the Social Work major has three key steps:

  1. Students can declare a major through the College of Arts and Sciences website. Students will use the blue button on the right side of the screen and when directed, select  Department of Cultural and Social Studies. From that option, students can then select Social Work. This will provide an advisor in the major for registration and guidance.
  2. Students should be completing the pre-requisite courses of SOC 101, PSY 201, and one or both of SWK 261 and SWK 275.
  3. Upon completion of SWK 261 and/or SWK 275, students should contact the Social Work Program to be added to the BlueLine admissions site. Students then complete an admission document for consideration of formal admission into the major. This step serves as a gate-keeping measure to ensure students are prepared for course and field work that keeps the focus on those served, who are often vulnerable or oppressed. Faculty review the admission application with studentoutcomes  of full admission, admission with conditions, or no admission at this time with counseling into another major.

Please note the requirements below:

Students receiving less than a "C" in social work non-practice courses: SWK 261, SWK 275, SWK 298, PSY 201, SOC 101, and research courses or less than a C+ in the following social work practice courses: SWK 345/346, SWK 359, SWK 435, SWK 460/461, and SWK 480/481 will need to re-take the course a maximum of one time to meet the grade expectation of the course.

Students accepted PRIOR to January 1, 2018 need to achieve a grade of "C" or better to advance in the practice sequence: SWK 345, 346, 359, 435, 460, 480, 481.

Progression Policy

Progression Policy PDF

The mission of social work education is to prepare students for professional generalist social work practice. Advancement of this broad purpose is brought about through the acquisition and integration of social work knowledge, values and skills. The Social Work Program is invested in and responsible for this educational process by its admission, advancement, and dismissal policies and procedures.

Policies related to student advancement through the coursework and reasons for academic and non-academic termination and counseling out of the major are noted in the above link or can be found in the Student Handbook on pages 14-21. Students read and sign acknowledgement of these expectations through the admission process and are expected to be familiar with the policies and expectations.