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Study Abroad

CANES majors have many opportunities at their disposal for study abroad. This listing, which will be updated, contains most of them. Faculty contacts for information on each program are given under the relevant pages, but all faculty are willing and able to provide guidance if you are interested in applying to go abroad.

Agora Excavations , Athens
CANES students who have participated:
2008: Brian Martens
2009: Brian Martens

The American Academy in Rome (and the Classical Summer School of the AAR)
CANES grads and students who have attended:
2004: Amanda Kimura
2008: Jenny Fotsch (with a Fulbright Scholarship)
2009: Sarah Schmidt

The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC)

The American School of Classical Studies in Athens (and the ASCSA Summer Sessions).
CANES grads and students who have attended:
1998: Gwen Gruber

Classics Advanced Semester Program (CASP) at the Hellenic Education and Research Center .

College Year in Athens
CANES students who have attended:
2008: Brian Martens (see video of Brian describing his experience here)
2009: Brian Clifton

The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome .
Photos of the ICCS and neighborhood.
CANES students who have attended:
1998: Joseph Kokenge
2005: Taylor Page
2006: Alyssa Egger
2008: Meghan Freeman (see video of Meghan describing her experience here)
2008: Sam Padilla (ICCS Sicily program)

The Vergilian Society Campania Tours.
2008: Jenny Fotsch
2009: Sarah Schmidt