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Study Abroad Opportunities

The Principia Consortium at Glasgow University

The Creighton University Honors Program now offers a unique study abroad opportunity in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is an internationally recognized institution with prestigious programs in the sciences and humanities.

The Honors semester at Glasgow University will allow you to:

  1. Complete an Honors course elective, The Ideas and Influences of the Scottish Enlightenment: 18th to the 21st Centuries.
    The University of Glasgow has created a unique course for our Honors students. Using major figures and ideas from the Scottish Enlightenment, Honors students will see how those ideas continue to be important in intellectual and cultural life in the 21st century. Interdisciplinary perspectives from art/aesthetics, religion, philosophy, politics/economics, and science will inform this course. The institutional model is the traditional Oxbridge model of public lectures and small group seminars. Leading scholars will provide over-arching ideas in the public lectures, which are then further developed through discussion in small group seminars/tutorials.
  2. Take an additional 2 courses in your major or minor.
    The University of Glasgow has both breadth and depth in most undergraduate majors. Science and Pre-Med Honors students will have access to a sophisticated range of disciplines and courses. Fine and liberal arts majors as well as business will have an exciting variety of course options. All Honors at Glasgow students will have access to level 3 and some level 4 courses not usually available to other study abroad students.
  3. Participate in unique opportunities:
    • Chance to study at an internationally recognized university
    • Special cultural immersion events for Honors students both inside and outside the classroom
    • Possibility of service learning or internships
    • Meet some of the 3,000 other international students from 24 countries around the world
    • Meet and become friends with Honors students from our consortium member institutions in the U.S.
    • Travel in the U.K. and the European continent
    • Live in a different but accessible culture

Creighton University's Honors Program is part of a consortium (The Principia Consortium) of over twenty other private liberal arts colleges from across the United States whose Honors students will also be a part of the Honors at Glasgow semester program.  Honors students may enroll either for fall or spring term through International Programs. Our program has been in place since 2009. For the fall semester, the priority deadline is December 1 and the final deadline is March 1. For the spring semester, the priority deadline is April 1 and the final deadline is October 1.

Why Glasgow?

The University of Glasgow is one of the world's top universities with a tradition of excellence dating back to 1451. Studying abroad at Glasgow offers you

  • A beautiful campus setting within one of the world?s oldest universities
  • Teaching and research of the highest quality
  • A UNESCO city of music, renowned for the friendliness of its people
  • One of the largest choices of student clubs and societies to join
  • Guaranteed accommodation as a visiting student
  • Global alumni network
  • Outstanding career prospects

For further questions about courses, contact: