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Math Placement Information

Math Placement Information

This page contains general information regarding placement into math courses at Creighton University. In addition to the general guidelines below, there are also placement test problems available online (see the end of this page for details).

If you have any questions about math placement, contact Prof. Crist ( or Prof. Pennington (

The placement tests are a supplement to standardized test scores, designed to help students in borderline cases determine if they have mastered the prerequisite material.

Also, because Calculus curricula varies widely, students considering taking Calculus II should take the Calculus I test (and students considering taking Calculus III should take the Calculus II test). Note that Math 141 does not satisfy the Arts and Sciences core and is intended only for students in the Heider College of Business.

Math 245 Calculus I (4 credit hours)

  • Intended audience is students who are good at and interested in Mathematics.
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational Neuroscience, Math, Physics, and Energy Tech majors require Math 245.
  • Below 26 Math ACT or 590 Math SAT score should take Math 139 (Pre-Calculus) to prepare for Math 245.

Math 231 Calculus for the Biological Sciences (3 credit hours)

  • Intended audience is Biological, (some) Neuroscience, and Pre-Health Sciences majors who will primarily use calculus for modeling biological phenomena.
  • Below 24 Math ACT or 560 Math SAT score should take Math 139 (Pre-Calculus) to prepare for Math 231.

Math 205 Math for the Modern World (2 credit hours)

  • Intended audience is Humanities and Social Science Majors.

Placement Tests

Incoming Creighton students will have access to a BlueLine course for Math Placement in late May. The course will be accessible through the summer. To access this course, log into BlueLine using your netID credentials and select “Math Placement Test” (once you have received this information in late May). Please direct any questions to Nathan Pennington at

After taking the tests, students should contact Prof. Crist ( or Prof. Pennington ( to discuss their results.

Contact Information

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