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Minor Programs

The Theology Minor


The Theology Minor introduces students to foundational and advanced courses in theology.  The minor familiarizes students with the basic principles and methods of theology, and, depending upon their particular interests, enables them to apply those principles and methods to specific topics or areas of study in historical or contemporary theology

Requirements:     18 credit hours. 

A) Foundations: Six credits from the following: 
    THL 100-THL 344

B) Development: Nine credits from the following:

  1. Six credits from THL 349-599.
  2. Three credits chosen either from THL 349-599 or from THL 201-344.  (The course from 201-344 should not be taken to fulfill a core Theology requirement)

Example:  Student takes THL 201 to fulfill the Core requirement, and THL     207 for the minor. 

C) Capstone: Three credits from the following:
    THL 500-599

How to Declare the Minor

  1. Go to the Creighton website.  Under Colleges, click on Arts and Sciences
  2. Select the Current Students tab
  3. At the bottom of the Current Students page, click on the link ?to access information and resources?
  4. Login to Blue with Blue password
  5. On the Student Resources page, click on the link marked Student Forms.   (This is in the box on the left side of the page).
  6. On the Student Forms page, click on the link Minor Declaration Online Form.
  7. Complete the form and submit it electronically
  8. The form is also available here: fill out the online form.

Contact Information

Department Chair
Dr. John O'Keefe
Professor of Theology

Office Manager
Ms. Liz Stevinson
Humanities Center-Dowling Hall